Friday, July 3, 2009


Jeff, Chris, Dale, Tony and Roger of Journeyman

Anyone remember Journeyman? Early 1990's ex-Release meets ex-Up Front to bring you some heavy and polished very metal tinged HC with great live shows and a damn good demo. I came across this promo pic and had to post it. Have a safe holiday weekend. -Tim DCXX


Jon Boucher said...

Great demo! I think Al Barkley has it posted on his page.

Jon said...

Still love this demo....Rogaaahhhhhh

Tim said...

saw these dudes at City Gardens (with SOIA maybe?) & remembered a pretty solid set from them.

Guav said...

That was one of the best demos of the 90's—I still listen to it—and we used to flip out whenever they played Syracuse.

Then they put out a full length and I got so stoked and bought it and it sounded like Pearl Jam and I got really depressed. Still have the shitty CD.