Sunday, July 5, 2009

More from the Revelation files

One used and two unused photos from Rev:16, Shelter's Perfection of Desire LP, Photo: Tim DCXX

Original promo photos from GB, Judge and BOLD, Photo: Tim DCXX

Original Judge Bringin It Down lyric sheet mechanicals, Photo: Tim DCXX

A random photo I found in the Rev files with someone (maybe Howie?) with three X's shaved into the back of their head and apparently colored in with a blue marker. If anyone knows who this is, please comment, Photo: Tim DCXX

Not sure how many people will think this is as cool as I think it is, but what we have here is the original Letratone stars that went on to be used in a number of the classic early Rev layouts (Together 7" comp, The Way It Is LP comp, etc.), Photo: Tim DCXX


Livewire Records said...

O.G. Letratone Star Sheet. Sickest yet.

... said...

as great as the interviews on this page are...the resources you guys have to sharing these one of a kind artifacts are actually priceless.

please continue the revelation files. maybe even begin a dossier with some other labels.

thanks guys.

mlp said...

nice shot on the letratone. just found an old stash of that downtown manhattan. totally impractical these days, but a look you can't really get out of digital setting. thanks for posting all the old press sheets and acetates as well - love that stuff.

JD said...

You know I love that Letratone!