Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Poll results for favorite punk movie

Another poll and more surprising results... to me at least. Not that I have anything against American Hardcore, I think it's an incredibly well put together documentary on the birth of the American Hardcore scene. I'm just surprised because it seems to me that the majority of people hold a bit of a grudge against it's writer, Stephen Blush, for his opinion on hardcore dying by 1985. To me the movie is well worth it's weight in gold just for the Jack Grisham (T.S.O.L.) and SSD content alone. With that being said, my vote did not go to American Hardcore, but to Another State of Mind.

I remember seeing Another State of Mind for the first time sometime around 1986 / 1987 and being completely blown away by it. From the scene with Mike Ness of Social Distortion writing and playing the song "Another State of Mind" on an acoustic guitar, to Brian in that empty room teaching the film crew how to slam dance, to the mic going out during Minor Threat's set and the the crowd singing along without it. To me Another State of Mind is just flawless all the way through. If you haven't seen it, do yourself a favor and buy the DVD. If you haven't seen American Hardcore or any of these other movies, see them because in my opinion, they are all well worth watching. -Tim DCXX

American Hardcore - 97

Another State of Mind - 72
Repo Man - 67
The Decline of Western Civilization - 44
Suburbia - 33
Sid and Nancy - 9
The Filth and the Fury - 4


Anonymous said...

I voted for The Filth and the Fury mostly because of all of the terrific and previously unreleased live Pistols footage in it. All of the movies in the poll were great though.

DAVID said...

Saw Another State of Mind on Night Flight back in 86 and my head exploded. The footage of Minor Threat and Dischord House is amaing. Welcome to Calgary Minor. Have some chili! How about the guy who "got hit by car and almost die, ya know..." Hahaha.

Billy said...

I like the French Canadien punk rocker dirt bags in Another State Of Mind. I think his name is Marcel and he has an obsessive disorder about counting out loud. Funny scene.

Chazcore said...

I was suprised with American Hardcore as well. I was also suprised that SLC Punk wasn't on the list. I voted for Repo man mostly because it was a real movie and not a documentary but suburbia would have been my second choice.

eating crow said...

The best part of American Hardcore was the look on Lethals face when he hears springa at the door.And the best part of ASOM is the guy EXPLAINING the circle dance technique.

dangerclose said...

I voted for Another State of Mind for those kids practicing stage dives in their pool---wasn't one of those kids gonna be in a band in the future?

Ben Edge said...

This was the most difficult DCXX poll for me to answer by far. So many great movies, good for different reasons. Decline had the best collection of bands, Filth and the Fury was the most well made doc of the bunch, and Another State of Mind had Minor Threat - the best band ever. But my vote went to Repo Man, because even though there wasn't an emphasis on music, it defined Los Angeles in the early 80s to me. Gritty, dirty, dangerous. Nothing was shot west of downtown. Plus it's the most entertaining and quotable flick of the bunch.

American Hardcore didn't even come close to making the cut for me.