Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Gorilla Biscuits - Super7 2nd press

Alex from Super7 fills us in on the second press of the Gorilla Biscuits figure. Hold your ground... -Tim DCXX

We are releasing the 2nd version of the toy on Saturday April 18th 7pm in store (only) and Sunday April 19th on the web at 11 am PST. Price is $55. The first version sold out in 2 hours so if you are a San Francisco local, stop by on Saturday.

The Second Pressing is cast in banana yellow vinyl, with black, white, grey, purple and orange spray, to match the second pressing of Gorilla Biscuits' Self Titled 7".

Super7 1628 Post St. San Francisco CA 94115

If you are interested in being on our GB list and haven't emailed me already, feel free to email me at


luciferyellow said...

Recession? What recession?


A mere $55.00...
That's what I call a bargain-and-a-half!

Get real Alex.
I'll wait for the Ian McKaye action figure and spent $1200.00 on it.

Shame on you Super7.

Unknown said...

Not for fucking 55 dollars. DIY faggots, not corporations.

Anonymous said...

I've still got my original 7"!

Anonymous said...

Sweet jeebus, first y'all get your panties in a twist over the Rev Adidas and now this. IT'S A FUCKING DOLL! No one said you have to buy it.

kamagra said...

Crap!!! it's just crap!