Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Revelation files continued

Original Gorilla Biscuits 7" side G label art / paste up, Photo: Tim DCXX

This is the continuation of my scouring through the original Revelation artwork files and the photos that I took while I was there. Considering I took roughly 100 photos of various record layout elements and I've only posted a few so far, expect plenty more to follow in the near future. - Tim DCXX

Original Judge photos, some that were used on "Bringin' It Down", some that weren't, all great, Photo: Tim DCXX

Rev 3, Sick Of It All 7" original B side label photo, Photo: Tim DCXX

A collection of original Youth Of Today photos that were used on the final 7", Photo: Tim DCXX

Although not Revelation used artwork, original Violent Children art from 1984 that was stored with all the early Rev release folders, Photo: Tim DCXX

A random early shot of Cappo blowing out candles on a birthday cake while Porcell looks on, Photo: Tim DCXX


Anonymous said...

Is that a pack of menthols or a box of blueberry NERDS on the table?

Anonymous said...

Very cool!

Pierre said...


eating crow said...

blah kids today wouldn't even know a paste up if it up and stuck to the back of their hand! SCISSORS GLUE GO!

Nicky said...

great post i've always like FATs big nosed HC characters, he did some great stuff for AGRESSION too! @ eating crow - i agree cut n paste 4 LIFE

xChrisx said...

These photos were very cool.
I would consider myself old enough to know whats up but too young to have been around for most of the stuff in this blog but i definitely appreciate cut/paste items(zines,fliers) way more than photoshop stuff. said...

Thanks so much for your post, pretty useful information.