Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Highlights from the "Old School Hardcore Kids" group

That was an amazingly violent show, The Olympic Auditorium was an old concrete boxing bunker, they would just hose the blood off the walls at the end of a show. - Bryan Rackleff

For anyone that's on Facebook, you've most likely come across the "Old School Hardcore Kids" group. If by any chance you've never seen said group, there is a collection of close to 2,000 HC related photos on there that are constantly being updated. I can easily spend an hour or two just going through all these photos and reading their comments.

In order to save you some time and pick out some of the best contributed shots, I thought I'd start posting a handful of these photos here and include some of their best comments. I'm going to assume that if the contributors have posted their photos to the group for public viewing, they won't mind us re-posting them again here. If someone would rather us not post their personal photos here or have their comments here, just shoot me an email and I'll pull it as fast as I put it up. -Tim DCXX

There were 2 main reasons why we missed the gig. First, we were wrongly told by someone in NYC that the Jewish Defense League had threatened to firebomb CBs if AF played, because they thought AF were a nazi band (no shit). I even naively tried making calls to the JDL to...y'know, maybe talk them out of it for the night. So stupid. The second reason was that our then-guitarist Poz went missing in Boston after our Paradise show there and didn't show up until way later that night. Turned out he met a nice Boston punk rock girl and decided to blow us off and hang out with her. I'll never forget finally getting to the city the next day and seeing CBs for the first time. We all just stood there in awe and broken-hearted because we blew our 1st CBs Sunday matinee show. - Kevin Seconds

OK I'll try and do my best. Left to Right: Jake Phelps, Choke, Springa, Al, and then the clear face in back is Tony Perez, w/ the glasses is punky Paul, and then Chris. The other two people are probably Pat and Jamie. - Hank "S.E." Peirce

Minor Threat set list from Great Gildersleeves. Glad I grabbed this. Awesome, awesome show! - Mark Ryan

This is one of my photos- it was the Murphy's Law and AF show that was the "LAST" Lupo's show before closing. On the contact sheet there is a pic of the chalkboard announcing the bands- I need a magnifying glass! Same show Risteen scaled the column and did the dive, same show with the "Punks Not Dead, It's In A Coma" bum flap, same show some Boston people brought a super giant slingshot and nailed the line of kids with watermelon rinds. Also Verbal Assault perhaps? Or were they just there? - Laura Black

No comments were left on this one, I just thought it was a great shot of Verbal Assault in front of their banner. Photo: Jessica Gorman


Billy said...

I love the art work on the 7SECONDS Agnostic Front flyer. I appropriated it for a cover of THINK.

Brett Hardware said...

That's Wrecking Machine in the ML photo.

Isaac Golub said...

I was at that Angelic Upstarts show, and scared shitless I'm not ashamed to admit. My foundation in punk was formed in fear. Looking back now it might have just been extreme excitement but nevertheless those feelings were important in making me the man I am today.

Punks Not Dead.... It's just living on life support in a stack of flyers at our houses.

Bill "Nego" Case said...

Man, these flyers bring back memories. Like Isaac, I was scared shitless at Olympic shows. but I loved going! I'm pretty sure the Angelic Upstarts never played that show. I believe they travel visa issues and the Circle Jerks headlined. I could be wrong...my memory is going in my old age!

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