Thursday, March 26, 2009

Poll results for what quote best sums up your participation in hardcore these days

FLOORPUNCH - Keep It Clear

Floorpunch - "Keep It Clear" Philadelphia Reunion, 10-28-2007

We've been meaning to post these poll results for awhile now, but there's been a whirlwind of activity here on my end and it's been tough to keep up and get everything done. I will say, stay locked in to DCXX in the coming weeks, we've got a lot of great entries in the works. My California weekend / No For An Answer show wrap up, Revelation Records archive photos and comments, the continuation of
the Jay Laughlin / Turning Point, Lars Weiss and Chris McGill interviews, just to name a few.

Oh yeah and by the way, this past Sunday, March 22nd 2009, DCXX hit the one year mark. With 320 entries under our belt, I would have liked to made a more significant entry out of the anniversary, but like I said, we've just been too busy and this train keeps rolling. So enjoy the Floorpunch video (although my vote went along with the majority vote, this video seems to prove otherwise with the climbing on heads comment) and we'll see you back here on Monday. -Tim DCXX

Still into it and keeping up, but not climbing on heads every weekend like I used to. - 228

I don't know, it seems kinda beat. I'll hit a show or check something out, but it's not like it used to be. - 137

Dude, hardcore is better today than ever. Ceremony, Have Heart, Mind Eraser... shit is the bomb. - 60

Hardcore died YEARS ago man. Does it honestly still exist? - 34


Anonymous said...

look a video of me hogging the stage and flopping around like a dork for the cameras!! wheeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

get over yourself!!!!!!!!! and the poll questions are gay.

Anonymous said...

"Oh yeah and by the way, this past Sunday, March 22nd 2009, DCXX hit the one year mark."

The exact same day as the NFAA/Chorus/Headfirst/Blackspot/ICE reunion show. Coincidence? I think not.


Yo Pipe Dream (imagine that, a FAKE name) ... get over my site or better yet, get off of it if you don't dig the contents. Much love, Tim DCXX

Anonymous said...

nah=== your constant blabbering, bragging, and carrying on (and now video) is too hard to 'just say no' to. did you get that reference 'jake jacobs'? cant you shut your hole already too about this stupid show with shitty bands? it came and went, let it go you strange bastard. much love fags, go write about judge some more!

Anonymous said...

So pipe dream/yeah it is a fucking pipe dream, who in Mouthpiece did your old lady cheat on you with?

Anonymous said...

Pipe Drean can go get fucked.

Nick said...

Bugger off Pipe Dream!

Anyway - nice poll. Not sure if the Ceremony etc reference is a 'we like these bands' or a 'new shit is lame' reference, but I saw Ceremony here in Melbourne last year and they were sick.

Anonymous said...

I'm torn I like this site but I also like this dude talkin shit

Anonymous said...

pipe dream has a small penis. means no love.

fuck your brain. take another hit.

xChrisx said...

Pipe Dream:Take the stick out of your ass and put it back in your mouth!
Whats the point of taking time out of your day to come to this blog and read about stuff you seem to already have passed judgement on?
People like you ruin forums and hardcore in general.And yes,I still believe in the 34 people in the poll who said it died years ago:i know it's not what it used to be but some things still hold true.
Thats just my opinion though.I dont want to come across like Dick Dream and bitch on a blog.
Double Cross is doing an awesome job.
Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

dope fucking video
makes me wish i was 17 back then, not now haha

Simón said...

Karl, do you realize that was in 2007? It's a reunion show! Haha.

320 entries in 365 days for a non-profit zine...impressive. Especially with the level of quality and interest in each entry. Even the "filler" posts are still killer photos from Ken Salerno and the like.

human ruin said...

I love old and new hardcore equally (mainly because I'm young).
However there is a lot of kids in hardcore scene today going through their hardcore phase and when its no longer cool to like hardcore, they will move onto something else. That is what I would say is one of the biggest problem with modern hardcore as its gained more popularity its drawn more people, though this may be seen as good in one sense in another it may be seen as the death of hardcore.
I'm just enjoying it much as I can now