Thursday, March 5, 2009

Dave Sine on the last Youth Of Today show

Classic Roger with Up Front at Fenders, August 4th 1989, Photo: Dave Sine

Dave Sine is back to DCXX with a short story and sick collection of classic photos from the final Youth Of Today show at Fenders. Dave sent us so many photos this time around, that we're going to post a chunk of them tonight and save the rest for a second entry sometime next week. -Tim DCXX

Frosty of Chain Of Strength at Fenders, August 4th 1989, Photo: Dave Sine

I’ll be the first to admit that my memory is not the best. In fact, if it wasn’t for all the photos I’ve made over the years, I might not remember anything. And something like the last Youth of Today show is something you would think is a big enough deal to have some clear memories of the show. But, that’s not the case for me. What I do remember was really looking forward to this show. For various reasons, I had always missed Youth of Today whenever they came through Southern California. But besides finally seeing YOT, the bill was stacked with bands that we on the west coast didn’t get to see very often. Some of them were making their first trips to the west and this excited a lot of kids.

I stocked up on film before the show expecting to make a whole lotta photos. In the end I only shot about two rolls of film. A big reason for this was just how crowded the stage got as the show progressed. Plus I was busy having a good time. And it was a really fun show that seemed like it would go on forever. I remember being really tired near the end of the show and had to fight to stay awake between the last couple of bands. Anyway, it was a really fun show. Hopefully these photos convey that. Enjoy. - Dave Sine

Mark Ryan hits the Fenders stage with Supertouch, August 4th 1989, Photo: Dave Sine

Rich with Insted, Fenders, August 4th 1989, Photo: Dave Sine

Matt Pinkus brings it down with Judge, Fenders, August 4th 1989, Photo: Dave Sine

Matt Warnke of BOLD having his say, Fenders, August 4th 1989, Photo: Dave Sine

Civ and Mark "Helmet" Hayworth with Gorilla Biscuits at Fenders, August 4th 1989, Photo: Dave Sine

Porcell ends it on a high note, Youth Of Today at Fenders, August 4th 1989, Photo: Dave Sine


SFader said...

That show was amazing. The amount of bands that played was just insane. I spent the entire show in the pit until YOT came on, after that I just couldn't stay on my feet. So I just went and sat down and watched Ray swing his Krishna tail around. Great pics Dave. I still have the flyer for this show. I think I was 14. Damn!

chad said...

man i would have loved to go to that show.. i think i was probably 16 and living like 2 hours away with no way to get there. i remember seeing tons of photos of that show later though, via dave's 'zines and others (i think Bonanza fanzine had a bunch as well). i guess i never put 2 and 2 together that those photos of everyone sitting in a circle around YOT were actually at fenders - the same show as pics where you can see the other bands with a stage and a crowd. i guess YOT just had a bunch of stage potatoes surrounding them. haha

dave sine, great photographer, super nice guy always.

on a different note... did Insted pioneer the youth crew camo short look?

Anonymous said...

Great show, great pix. The last one of Porcell is great because that is the summer he stayed in OC started smoking weed and tried to be a surfer. Now he sells SxE gear on the myspace and shit. Interesting. You're youth crew straightedge, now you are a weed smoking surfer, now you're Krishna, now you're youth crew straightedge again....

There's a song I love by the New York Dolls called Personality Crisis, get into it.

"Welcome back to hardcore and straightedge with open arms Porcell!!! You a sellout? Dude, you were in Judge and YOT you have carte blanche to my scene bro, no problem man!"

Dave Sine is awesome.

Anonymous said...

Dave's Tidbit zine was BY FAR my favorite zine in the early '90s, not just for all the great photos but for the extremely informative (not to mention LENGTHY) interviews with all of the popular local punk and hardcore bands of the day. I'm so grateful that he was around to capture that period of time in the scene as it was a great one for myself and many others. The fact that Dave has always been a genuinely good guy just makes the memories of those days that much fonder.

Kudos on another great post, DCXX.

Vintage Richmond said...

Great pics Dave. I've had a copy of the Roger one forever....never knew who took it. I always thought it was a Mikey Fastbreak pic.

Does anyone know who took the master of the video that's been floating around for years? I've been trying to track it down since Dec of 1989. My copy sucks.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jon, I used to have a tape with like 3 or 4 YOT shows on it in chronological order and the last show was one of ‘em. The quality was pretty good if I remember correctly, so if you want a copy of it, email me at and I’ll see if it’s still in the box of hardcore videos at my parents’ house the next time I go over there.

At that show, I believe Ray offered some kind of a prize to the first person who shouted out the exact date of YOT’s very first show. Zack De La Rocha was right up front and got the date wrong.

Anonymous said...

Wow what a lineup! I wish I could have been at that show. The only band out of those pics I wasn't into was Supertouch. Rich (Insted) was still playing that same Fender P-Bass on their reunion tour in '05! Awesome pics!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Actually, now that I think about it, the prize was for shouting out the lineup of YOT's very first show.

Anonymous said...

This was not YOT's last show. They played many shows after this.

Anonymous said...

I remember seeing that bold pic before. Never seen bold never been into bold but his left hand looks huge, is it just that pic or is there something wrong with it. I might be coming off as a dick if it's a deformity but it's not my intention. Just asking something I've been wondering for many years.

Anonymous said...

Haha Porcelli on weed? Yeah, well I was so into the straightedge scene in my youth, and guess what happened next? Graduated from college, got a job and started hangin out with the yuppies, drinkin, smokin, gettin wasted & all. Now I'm in my mid 30s, have my own family and been sober for about 10 years. And when I listened back to the old cds, what Ian, Matt, Ray 'of today', Civ and the other guys sang about made more sense now. Dude, straightedge ain't a 'scene' thing, it's a way of life!

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