Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Dave Sine returns to Fenders

Mike with the Montville hat delivering the fury, Judge at Fenders 8/4/89, Photo: Dave Sine

Installment number two of Dave Sine's photographic documentation of the final Youth Of Today show. More great photos from one of the most impressive bills of that era. -Tim DCXX

Wally with GB and the wacky neck tattoo at Fenders, 8/4/89, Photo: Dave Sine

TC3 with BOLD at Fenders, 8/4/89, Photo: Dave Sine

Jeff Up Front searching for truth through the spirit of youth, Fenders, 8/4/89, Photo: Dave Sine

Ray Cappo from the farm to the stage for the finale, Youth Of Today, Fenders, 8/4/89, Photo: Dave Sine

Minus Underdog, plus Up Front


Anonymous said...

Dave Sine rules.

Isaac Golub said...

First pic with Mike Judge, bottom right, shaved head... That's me. I was part of the scene. Proof!!!

Can you dig it.

Never got to know Dave Sine that well, seemed cool though. I know he rode his bike a long away to work at the old Rev warehouse. What a trooper.

Got any Chorus pics? Didn't think so :(

D. Sine said...

I've got two or three shots of the Chorus actually. I'm planning on scanning the negs for these guys as soon as I can.

Isaac Golub said...

wow.... I would like to see those. What show do you remember?

D. Sine said...

They were from that warehouse show you guys played with Insted and few others. The photos aren't the best, but they're not the worst either.

Anonymous said...

That was their first show (I think). I'd like to see those as well.

The one thing I remember most about that show is Regis going into the crowd with his bass. First time I ever saw that done before and I thought it was so rad. Still do.

chad said...

nice stussy sticker on wally's guitar.

i had that green/yellow flyer on my wall for years. i know i have it somewhere, but very cool to see it again.

awesome pics! dave sine rules.

Anonymous said...

Jake you're a such fucking idiot.

Anonymous said...

"Jake you're a such fucking idiot."

Irony. Completely lost on you but not on the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

"The one thing I remember most about that show is Regis going into the crowd with his bass. First time I ever saw that done before and I thought it was so rad. Still do."


Jake thinks it is cool that Regis jump into crowd with bass. Jake like this. Jake never seen that done before, because JAKE NEVER REALLY WENT TO ANY SHOWS AND WAS NEVER REALLY PART OF THE FUCKING SCENE. HIS STUPID FUCKING BROTHER WAS!

Your new name is "Jake De Lusional" because you are pretending that you were part of something you weren't. No wonder you talk about this NFAA reunion show so much on this site, and Livewire. It's because you can finally see them play.


Anonymous said...

Jake went to shows. He was at Fenders a couple times, and went to a lot of those Spankey and Country Club shows. I remember him being around a lot in the early 90’s.

Anonymous said...

Jake has a sick Star Wars tat. and he always held all our Champion hoodies while we all moshed it up, pointed, and shooooouuuted ouuuuut looouuuud.... JAAAAAKE....AUUUUA.... STAAAAND!!!

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