Monday, January 26, 2009

Kenneth Keith Kallenbach and Triple Threat

Triple Threat at the Pyramid Club, NYC, Photo: Jamie Heim

This is probably only going to be entertaining to the readers that listen to the Howard Stern show, but I felt like I absolutely had to post this. In the case that you are not familiar with Kenneth Keith Kallenbach, he was one of Howard's Wack Packers. Dude was hilarious, lived in the Philadelphia area. He died April 24th of 2008 in a Deleware County jail. The whole death has been a huge controversy which I'm not going to get into. Our friend John Meat, who did a fanzine called Meat Sheet, who's also a huge Stern fan, was in contact with Kenneth Keith fairly regularly. At some point John tried connecting Kenneth Keith with my band Triple Threat. I'm not sure if it was a joke attempt to have us play together or what the story really was, but our drummer Jason just dug these messages up and forwarded them to me. Somehow or another Kenneth Keith was under the impression that Triple Threat wanted to actually cover his songs and have him sing, where he got that idea, I couldn't tell you. I ultimately said, this belongs on DCXX! - Tim DCXX

Message 1:

Hey there,
It's Kenneth Keith Kallenbach. John Meat said you guys might want to learn some of songs and do some shows around Philly here. So let me know. My website is so check that out. And let me know if you do want to. We could practice a few times first.
Kenneth Keith Kallenbach

Message 2:

hey it's me kenneth keith kallenbach

i got your message on my comments section
and yes i'd love to do some gigs with you guys
maybe you can learn a couple of my very easy punk rock songs, like i got beers and kitty come back and doggy doggy ruff and alligator and we can do some gigs together

let me know

kenneth keith kallenbach


frank said...

I'm no wacko!

Edward said...

Heart Breaking... had I known this I would've driven anywhere to jam with this guy. So sad. xxx

xjustinx said...

Best Double Cross post yet!

Anonymous said...

i cant find that Wacko speech on youtube. damn

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