Wednesday, January 14, 2009

7 Seconds take one

7 Seconds at City Gardens, Summer 1987, Photo: Ken Salerno

Nothing too heavy here, just a happy and fun photo dedication to one of the
greats... 7 Seconds. As always, big thanks to Ken for contributing these shots. Use your head, be aware, give a fuck! -Tim DCXX

Bobby Adams, Guitar, Photo: Ken Salerno

Steve Youth, Bass, Photo: Ken Salerno

Troy Mowat, Drums, Photo: Ken Salerno

Kevin Seconds, Vocals, Photo: Ken Salerno


You wanna be the way I am

But you could never understand

You shave your fuckin' head

Then you turn your back

On your best friends

It's not just in my head

It's in my heart

And you're not gonna 
Tear this one apart

The way you look it fits

How come your attitude is shit?

You say you do it your own way

But now I have the price to pay

If I can give a fuck

You better start, so...

Use your head be aware

Give a fuck!

The same routine. fuck up again

You have no real regrets

But this is not just something

I can easily forget

I can't believe you've come this far

Yet still so unaware

No cause no brains no fire inside

When will you learn to care

Kevin Seconds, a BL'AST! shirt, a happy City Gardens crowd, Photo: Ken Salerno


DAVID said...

I love every era of 7 Seconds. What a great band. I didn't know people couldn't stand them until Rob posted about them. How can a person NOT love & Seconds?

Jake Jacobs said...

IMHO, 7 Seconds and Black Flag are the top two best hardcore bands of all time. 'nuff said.

Anonymous said...

Lame Post!

Benj said...

My first hardcore album was a copy of Praise in 1987, right around when everyone said they were turning into U2. Still love this band.

ERIC SXE said...

Great band. I remember getting "The Crew" and being amazed how great it sounded. Great songs, great production. Still in heavy rotation around here! Steve of the best bassists ever in hardcore. I saw them around 99 or so at the Cocodrie in SF and they rocked and the place went apeshit!

Jake Jacobs said...

By the way, in addition to all of their classic '80s records, their 1999 album Good To Go kicks ass too.

Anonymous said...

say them on "the crew" tour. awesome band but waaaaay to many
a-holes would ruin their set by getting up on stage and grabbing the mic away from kevin. its fine when he would put the mic into the crowd to sing along but...