Sunday, January 11, 2009

Favorite Verbal Assault release poll results

Chris Jones of VA at CBGB's, Photo: Ken Salerno

Poll after poll I seem to always go with the unpopular vote. Granted, I love "Trial", great record, no question. Not a surprise to me at all that "Trial" dominated the votes. As much as I like "Trial" and agree that it's pretty much the classic Verbal Assault record, my vote went to "On". There's just something about "On" that really hits me. The songs are heavy, groove filled and definitely next level. But hey, I'm just one vote, well actually I guess 56 others agreed with me. Either way, both are great records and I'm looking forward to the Volume Two discography CD, which I assume will be released at some point this year. -Tim DCXX

Trial - 167
On - 57
Learn - 25
Tiny Giants - 18
The Masses - 7
Your Choice Live Series - 6
Exit - 5

Verbal Assault at CBGB's, Photo: Ken Salerno

Pete Chramiec with VA at CBGB's, Photo: Ken Salerno


D. Sine said...

I voted for ON too. It's a great record. I didn't know they released discography. I'll have to look for that.

Anonymous said...

One of the greatest of their time without a doubt!!! Songs like TRIAL and NEVER STOP are actually to this day intelligent without the pathos that so many bands fell victim to at that time, which was cool too don't get me wrong. Jah bless!

Anonymous said...

picked up the first discography for 99 cents @ princeton record exchange 2 years ago, hadn't thought about VA in years @ the time,... i go with Trial, saw them in 87 @ Pizzazz, i think with G.I. , still got the Trial tour shirt, although it doesn't fit....MK

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