Sunday, November 23, 2008

ROA on Curt Canales / Chain Of Strength in Buffalo

Curtis with Chain Of Strength at CBGB, NYC, Photo: Jon Hiltz

ROA brings us another old story for around the campfire - this time recalling an unlikely Chain Of Strength turn of events. We thought it was worth posting. -Gordo DCXX

This story happened twenty years ago. This is not an endorsement of violence nor is it a present picture of what Curt is like. I saw him for the first time in 15 plus years at the Radio Silence thing in Hollywood and Curt seemed like a genuine happy parent. This is truly far removed from his growing up in 1980s Pomona when it was like the Wild, Wild West.

So this was on the ever-popular Silver Sleeve Chain of Strength tour. Chain was playing with Zero Tolerance at an indoor skate park in Buffalo. It seemed like a good atmosphere was going on. People were skating, hanging out and talking. Chubby Fresh was there and was very nice (and I was in to hardcore waaaay before him, so "don't hate fruits").

Well, some older teenager was drinking beer and an X'd up kid went up to him and starting laying it on thick, "Why are you drinking? That is poison, man." The beer guy ignored him until the kid smacked the beer out of his hand. The beer kid gets justifiably mad and punches the kid. The kid falls and knocks someone else over and that makes that person angry…soon the place starts into a little-mini-old-time-black-and-white-movie-bar-fight. I am watching, having nothing to do with any of it but I get hit in the back of the head and turn around and hit a guy in the face who grabs his head and says, "fuck you, man, sorry, man, sorry" and walks away.

I turn around to see Curt walk up to two males fighting and try to separate them. They both are so engaged that neither of them notices Curt and one of them ends up hitting Curt.

Now, I am not sure if any of you saw "Pee Wee's Great Adventure" where Morgan Fairchild is just about to help James Brolin fight the bad guys but realizes that he needs no help. She then merely crosses her arms and watches. That is exactly what I did as I was going to help him out but instantly I saw Curt headlock one person, hit him twice and then punch the second kid in the head. Curt then releases the headlock and both kids looked dazed and confused - obviously thinking that the person who had hit them so hard must be much bigger than the then ultra-skinny Curt.

Curt did not see me watching him and we made our way back to the stage area as the crowd got back to being under control. We then met up and he did not say one word about the whole incident. I never told anyone about it since I thought if it got out, every person in the world would want to fight him. I knew I did not, and that trip was pretty cool. A Don Fury session was done. GB was recording Start Today and, while on a break, told us about the day's session that included a harmonica. I was pretty intrigued.

Curt from Chain: hard hitter. Good singer. Presently? A nice person.

Chain Of Strength in Boston, Photo: Boiling Point


Anonymous said...

"a don fury session was done"

proof positive that yes chain did record at fury's in some fashion, and that yes the tape that floats around of song(s) from the 2nd 7" without vocals is in fact from fury - even though fury said chain didn't record there. maybe at the time it was just considered a rehearsal that got recorded...but i have heard said tape and regardless what fury says, it is apparent chain played there and a recording resulted. i have even heard photos exist.

cool story roa...i always found it funny how people scoffed at chain as newbie posers or some shit....all of those guys minus alex got into HC as early as what, 81??? ryan was doing JL with roa in like 84, chris soon after, curtis was going to shows....alex was like 15 when he got into the band in 88 and even then knew what was going on. having grown up in that era, you had to know how to handle curt being able to take care of business doesnt shock me.

my favorite california hardcore band ever regardless what anyone says.

double cross continues to bring the heat, you guys are unbelievable! (GREAT PHOTOS BTW!!!!!!!!!)

ROA. said...

I have multiple photos (some I have posted on LWB). It was not a practice session. I thought it was for the Generation Hope comp. The only thing I do not remember (it is an important detail) is what damn song they recorded. but I always pause to state on anything about which I am not 110% sure.

I got into the punk thing in '77 and Ryan was already into it when I met him in '79. I met Bratton in late '80/early '81 and he was already into it. The others I am not sure.


There was DEFINITELY music recorded at Don Furys. I specifically remember hanging with Ryan and Frosty on one of Chain's east coast tours and hearing them play the tape for us in one of our cars. There were no vocals, but there was music for a couple of songs that went on to appear on the "What Holds Us Apart" 7". There is also a photo that I have seen of those guys clearly recording or at least practicing at Don Furys. The Radio Silence guys have the photo. Maybe the photo will see the light of day at some point. Maybe we'll have to talk to the Chain guys to get more details about this mysterious recording. -Tim DCXX

chad said...

curtis was singing for malicious intent for at least a couple of years (M.I. started in '85) before he became the frontman for Chain. check out for some audio and pics of a super young curt canales on vox.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I had no idea Curtis was such a bad ass. It makes me love Chain even more then I do.

Cargawar said...

@ Chad: thanx for this link...
Reminds me a bit of Suicidal Tendencies/DRI

Ed Goodlife said...

@ ROA :

if it was for the 'Generation of Hope' 7", it was the song 'Letdown' with the stab at Kevin Seconds mixed way up loud in one speaker.

"You say it took you 7 years to get this far, I thought you were committed for life..."

Joe said...

Ok.. The post about Curtis being a bad ass and that making "Anonymous Guy" love Chain even more, just gave me a serious case of the idiot shivers.

Nicky said...

talk about Malicious Intent!!!!