Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Insted in New Jersey, 2004, giving thanks to stage diving, Photo: Traci McMahon

It's such a short time we're on this earth. We all tend to neglect from the moment of birth. Let's put aside the evil and look towards the good realizing what we have, is something we should. Step back, look around, what do you see? Step back, look around, and assess your needs. There's people less fortunate, with no place-to sleep. This life they were brought into, with nothing to eat. Don't take for granted the things you have cause compared to some people, life's not that bad, There's good things out there just look around, I'm not gonna let a loss bring me down. But instead I'll keep pushing on and be thankful for my life's not over and done. Give thanks for what we are given. Appreciate what you have got. - INSTED


Ben Edge said...

of Plenty
it fills the coffers
of this land
it come from
They don't say, a little
sleight of hand

The good life
I can alomst taste it
Pay the price
with my worst fears

Their touch is cold
Their touch is cold
Give Thanks
Give Thanks
Give Thanks
Give Thanks

the children
Smiling faces
Clean White hands
can I deny
the benefits of
this blessed land

Comfort, warmth, and
The promise of the
Light they shed
We must spread this
to all people
Later on we can
count the Dead

- Articles of Faith

Andrew Jacobs said...

10 things I'm thankful for this Thanksgiving

1. My wife.
2. My wife and I's immediate families.
3. My dogs.
4. My apartment surviving the Triangle Complex Fires while two apartment buildings less than 20 feet away were completely destroyed.
5. Obama winning.
6. Palin losing.
7. Having pretty good job security at my current job due to us being SO fucking busy.
8. Only having to pay $160 to get my brakes fixed.
9. Not having to appear in person for jury duty.
10. The CD player in my car.

ERIC SXE said...

A great song and I take it to heart. I do stop to look around and see how much I have and think of those who don't. Then I feel dumb for complaining about what I don't have as I should.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Anonymous said...