Thursday, November 13, 2008

Favorite Hardcore Related Book Results

This was one hell of a poll, definitely our closest rated one we've done so far. In my opinion, all these books are great and there was easily another 3 or 4 that I could have and probably should have included on this list. Truth of the matter is that it was probably midnight when I put the poll together and whatever first came to my mind and I saw on my bookshelf is what I listed.

I have to say though, the book that I voted for happened to be the same book that took the lead and came out the winner. The Rollins "Get In The Van" book is seriously a must own and read for anyone that has a band, wants to do a band or just loves hardcore. This book is mind blowing and really raises the bar in terms of the dedication that is put into doing a band. I know I felt like a total poser after reading it and reflecting on what I've done with any of the bands I've done. - Tim DCXX

Get In The Van - 62
Bridge 9 Schism Book - 56
Radio Silence - 44
All Ages - 43
Banned In DC - 37
American Hardcore - 31

The Rollins, The Flag


SFader said...

The parts that really hit home for me in that book are about the guys in Huntington Beach, The HBs. When I was a kid a lot of the guys from Adolescents, China White, The Slashers, The Crowd, etc lived and hung out in my neighborhood and they were seriously fucking scary. (the song "Surfside" by Rikk Agnew is about my neighborhood) They ruled that town for sure. Reading Rollins' description of them was a reminder of what a really gnarly and under rated city this is. Made me feel proud! hahahaha

Ben Edge said...

I love the story about Black Flag staying at some house (occupied by skinheads I think), and someone in Flag has his bag stolen, so they destroy the entire apartment. I have to read that passage again, but I could swear Rollins mentions something about removing a sink and throwing it out of the apartment.

eating crow said...

I bought this book from a record store and ol' Henry was signing stuff.So I wait patiently in line deciding what my opening line would be "thanks for my war you cock" "you ruined black flag" "rollins band is tea party music" instead I just open with a "Hi" somwhat meekly and as he picks up a pen I say quietly "can you sign it henry garfield SOA 'I hate the kids'?" he pushes the book back to me and says fuck off.Thanks Hank! A year or so later someone had a copy of this book on CD ... talking books for us dummies ... and well that just made me hate it even more!!! one book that didn't make the list I always liked was the one about NYHC "making a scene" . not much text but lots of cool mid 80s photos including 2 awesome ones of Tommy Carrol...wish i scanned them before I sold it for $100....

Anonymous said...

what about ''our band could be your life''?? Good shit and huntington beach pride!! Mark my words hardcore is coming back to h.b. (where it started).its going back to day one!!! Hollywood burnouts still cant compete!!