Thursday, September 9, 2010

Youth Of Today 2010 European Tour

Youth Of Today at Gilman Street, Berkeley, California

Youth Of Today are hitting the road once again, this time with 12 dates in Europe. If I had enough vacation time left from work and some extra cash, I'd certainly consider making the trek. Unfortunately, that's not the case. So guess what?… Europe gets to have all the fun. I designed two of 2010 Euro tour shirts, so if you catch YOT this time around, let me know how the shirts came out. Crucial Times 2010. -Tim DCXX

Lyss, Switzerland

Saarbrucken, Germany

Hasselt, Belgium

Den Bosch, Netherlands

Koln, Germany
Burgerhaus Stollwerck

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Hannover, Germany

Berlin, Germany

Essen, Germany

Leipzig, Germany
Conne Island

Prague, Czech Republic
Lucerna Music Bar

Wien, Austria



Anonymous said...

Milk that cow.

ShayKM said...

Forget YOT, the Spermbirds reappearing is bigger news. Break the ice! One of the best German (Yankee vocalist) HC songs ever: "Americans Suck!" off of 'Something To Prove'. Go listen to that now! Hilarious band, great fuckin' HC.

JUP said...

What's the lineup for YOT?

Anonymous said...

Yeah - lineup?

Paul said...


When asked if they would ever break up and stop milking the YOT cow, the band replied, "WE JUST MIGHT"

Anonymous said...

I wonder is Ray Cappo will perform Break Down the Balls again?

Mark said...

I saw YOT in 1989 in England and it was probably the best show I've ever been to but it's 2010 and that is history. Bands need to stop reliving their glory days or cashing in-as long as there's the demand, reunions-like them or not are here to stay.

Anonymous said...

Funny how no one talks about the SPERMBIRDS being on this tour too. SPERMBIRDS is simply one of the best and longest running hardcore bands of all time. I love YOUTH OF TODAY, they are my favorite band, but the SPERMBIRDS are almost as good.

Anonymous said...

Good news!
Saw YOT in 2003 in Bremen and the kicked ass. The band was as good as in the old days, if not better.
Missed this Walter dude...
But Ken did a good job.
Line up was Ray, Porcell, Sammy, Ken Olden.
Spermbirds... LEGEND. My first show ever was a Spermbirds gig. Love all their stuff with Lee Hollis (og-singer):
Somethin to prove LP
Nothing is easy LP
Common Thread LP
Thanx LP
Eating Glass LP
Set an Example LP
Columbus feeling LP

Great, Great, Great!!!

Looking forward to this event!

Arne said...

Ray told the Ox Fanzine he doesn't care about hardcore, so why should European hardcore care about one of his old bands?
I won't go.

Brufen said...

you're just jealous cause we gonna hit that show and u dont :D anyway, cant wait this show in Austria.we grow up with this music and message. Im gonna give up half my montly payment to make trip to this show possible.lousy Serbia suburbia.YES!:)

Anonymous said...

YOT are nostalgic cowards. They'd never cut it stateside.

Justin M. said...

This is a total cash in.

That being said I'd definetely go if they played stateside. They probably won't though...

Hans said...

Yeah right cashing in ??? no way bros, cheap shows (15euro) for 4 or more bands...anyway, just go out and enjoy the shows !!! I'm looking forward to the Dutch & Belgium Shows...

Anonymous said...

Dude, 15 euros is almost $20!!!

I paid $7 to see them in 1987. There is no way even in hardcore heaven that Youth of Today have somehow gotten 200% better.

the harsh truth said...

that has to be sarcasm.......if it somehow is not, have you ever fucking heard of inflation? it baffles me that people still think they should pay the same price for things in hardcore (shows, records, zines, etc) as they did 15 or even 25 years ago. i don't have my trusty inflation calculator in front of me, but i'm pretty sure $7 in 1987 is about the same as $17 today.

don't want to see YOT? don't go.

are these guys coming home with a few dollars in their pockets? maybe.

but aren't we talking about 4 guys (yes, include ken olden) who have spent most of their fucking lives doing (hardcore) music? if you think any of these guys have gotten rich off of YOT you are a goddamn idiot, plain and simple.

these guys have jobs, families, bills...why would they go to europe for peanuts? i'm sure money had to factor in here...but at their age and with the shit they have going on, how could it not?

it's funny how critical people are of some dudes who have given us some incredible music.

if you simply don't like YOT, i get it. but to say you "loved" YOT and that you won't support this or whatever blah blah blah...that's just ridiculous. if these shows are anything like the last ones they played a few years back, then i can guarentee you these things:

-cappo has more energy and frontman presence than pretty much every other HC frontman currently, or ever, and is basically in better shape than any other 5'1 person on the planet
-his voice is still awesome
-porcell still comes out X'd up with a Les Paul and kills it, and is in better shape than any 5'2 person on the planet
-sammy is still a beast on the drums and destroys it and is basically the nicest guy around
-ken olden may not be walter but he's a great bass player, is SE, and knows the deal
-the songs sound awesome, the message isn't lost, the energy is real

fuck all of you idiots.

Anonymous said...

Europeans are and always will be suckers for American HC. With that being said, American HC bands with some sort of hype typically have a better chance of breaking even or possibly coming out a little ahead while doing a tour in Europe. Due to European booking agencies tours are made easy and a lot less stressful than a tour done in the United States. Agencies typically work out a guarantee plan, provide a driver, book the shows, promote the shows, and print merch that is ready for the band upon arrival. Many of the venues in Europe also have places for bands to stay and even provide bands with a meal.

With that being said, I understand why a band like YOT would choose to tour Europe as opposed to the United States however, sometimes it makes you wonder the reasoning behind the tour. Was it because an agency contacted the band offering a giant guarantee? Or because the band is genuinely stoked to get back in the van, play HC and experience Europe? I don't necessarily think either reason is wrong, but do believe it cheapens the band if the message behind the music is something that the band doesn't care anything about any longer.

Ibn Mark said...

Agree with “the harsh truth” on this one. My only critique of YOT is why so many reunions over the last 20 years, but absolutely no new songs. It would be so cool to hear a new YOT album in 2010….Not sure why none of these bands take the time to do this. Are they truly out of creative gas? Or afraid of the expectations?

Anonymous said...

Ray is not a nice guy no matter how limber he is. Dude, posing in yoga positions for pictures in a hardcore book? Come on, seriously?

Porcell sold out in 87 , drinking AND smoking weed. Grew his hair out, got SUPER tan, bought a motorcycle, and tried his hand at moving to Cali and becoming a surfer.God bless him for trying something new, but I would never cheapen the meaning of hardcore and esp the meaning behind straightedge by X'ing up and trying to sell "edge gear". Nor would I care to watch this hardcore surfing krishna capitalist jump around and knock over his Marshal stack with his nose.

Youth of Today WAS a great band, not now. And certainly not at $20 a ticket. Call me bitter but the things these guys did to hardcore and especially the great philosophy of straightedge is beyond forgiveness, and I'm not even edge anymore.

Break Down The Walls on Wishing Well is still in rotation after all these years but I pretend respectable men are singing it, not kids caught up in fame, money, and their loose grip on relevancy in this world that just doesn't care.

Harsh, please enjoy the show if you go, I sincerely hope it is a nostalgic moment for you. I can't hate on that. Just remember you are actually enjoying what Youth of Today was and where it takes you, not the reality of who the men on stage really are or how much they really DO NOT care about you or your cause if you have one.

I accept inflation but not at the cost of my memories or pride.

Love always, The Jake.

XSLABAX said...

I am stoked!Way fucking stoked!!!! Even if all we get are a few shit quality youtube clips I will be happy. This is AWESOME!!

Ibn Mark said...
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Ibn Mark said...

@ Anonymous 7:38 PM Dude, you need to chill. You act as if the ‘Core is some bastion of honor and righteousness. YOT encouraged a lot of kids to stay positive and be pro-active, and to question their reality. So what if they wanna jam out for younger fans who never saw them the first time around. Their lyrics and music have effected a lot of people, including myself. No one ever said they were prophets or saints. But, who in this scene is sinless? I say the good of YOT far outweighs the bad…but people always get super nitpicky with them more so than other bands. It’s been that way for years. I don’t get it.

Isaac Golub said...

I had to chime in....

"You act as if the ‘Core is some bastion of honor and righteousness."

To some of us it is my friend.

Maybe I am naive for a 40 year old man, but it just is. To me that's what separated arena rock/waiting for friday to get loaded/paying overpriced venues to see my favorite bands and the punk rock hardcore ideals. Hardcore said to me, "EDUCATE YOURSELF, DONT BELIEVE WHAT THEY TELL YOU, QUESTION AUTHORITY, FIGHT, SCRAPE, SCREAM, AND DON'T GET TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF." There may be a generation gap here and I have been on the streets since 16, but what does hardcore tell you?

Since a bastion is one that is considered similar to a defensive stronghold, I believe that at one point in punk/hardcore history that is EXACTLY what it is(I choose to still live it that time). And although righteousness is quite often used for evil, it did at one point not only embody honor with it's well weaved and rather strong protective cocoon, but made 1000's and 1000's of kids believe it was in fact their bastion. Their home. Their safety. A place you would not normally worry about being abused, milked, oppressed, or overburdened.

Good for you to not be lumped into it like the rest of us but I will gladly embrace my bastion of honor and righteousness. Even if your cold steely street cred has rendered you partially blind, it will still trump my silly pride I'm sure.

I guess it's The Hardcore Home For The Deranged and Aged for me. It's on the corner of Pride and Honor send me a well worded letter.


Ibn Mark said...

OK, compared to the arena rock, metal, dance, ect. scenes Hardcore has a better track record in the integrity/principles dept. That’s a no brainer. But, when people hold these dudes up on a pedestal with unfair expectations…..feelings get hurt. I love hardcore, but I’ve witnessed (and been part of) too many disappointing displays of human weakness and fucked up behavior within that scene.

Why be so hard on YOT when they never compromised their style or lyrical content and are still belting out those inspiring tunes for the younger generation? I don’t give 2 shits that Porcell had a wild summer in ’87, or that Ray Cappo isn’t that friendly.I think it’s awesome that they can still get together once in a while. If they were touring here, I’d gladly pay $20.00. They’re legends that deserve to get paid a semi-living wage. Does HC not respect it’s elders?

Ibn Mark said...

"Good for you to not be lumped into it like the rest of us but I will gladly embrace my bastion of honor and righteousness. Even if your cold steely street cred has rendered you partially blind, it will still trump my silly pride I'm sure.”

I strive to be honorable and righteous, but what does that have to do with HC?

I am not cold (or for that matter, steely), and have no street cred. So who and what are you talking about?

XChorusX rocks btw.

TIM said...

word on what "THE HARSH TRUTH" said.

fuck you stupid & dumb assholes, i'm glad you won't come to those YOT shows. fuck your hardcore!

YOT 2003 in europe was awesome. fun times.

hottdogg9000 said...

This is like crazy serious with bastions of truth etc, gtfo. YOT do a euro tour, big deal? They make like a normal months salary for playing to kids who will be ecstatic. There are real issues in this world, let this one just go.

B. Brian Blair said...


ShayKM said...

Hey Isaac... Nice writing there. Actually, I kind of felt like I had been transported back to 87-88 reading a letter in MRR or No Answers. With you on every point brother!

In any case, the Spermbirds are playing these shows and they make it worth every Euro. They will tear these other bands apart and then smile, laugh, and remember they had HC all along without the ashram, the incense, and baby cow worship on the Ganges.

Keep it up DCXX

hncreature said...

Maybe I'm a sucker but I saw all 3 Gorilla Biscuits shows on the west coast - Went to Bold's last show out here - Did the Undertow / Unbroken show - All the bands brought it and all the shows were excellent - If YOT came out west I'd do the same and see them as many times I could

Ben Edge said...

"To me that's what separated arena rock/waiting for friday to get loaded/paying overpriced venues to see my favorite bands and the punk rock hardcore ideals."

Right on. You lost me on the part about the cocoons, but I think I basically agree with you.

"these guys have jobs, families, bills...why would they go to europe for peanuts? i'm sure money had to factor in here...but at their age and with the shit they have going on, how could it not?"

Amendment Eighteen also toured Europe in 2003, and two of the members had children, most of the members had jobs, and all of the members had bills, well maybe not the drummer. But the point is a lot of bands risk money or know they'll lose money by touring, but they still do it because there is a passion that drives them, and that passion doesn't have a price. Letting YOT off the hook because they're old or they have have kids is weak.

Marco said...

Anyone remembers that Spermbirds wrote an anti Shelter song ("Truth of today" on their Common Thread album)?

Anonymous said...

Haha...I do...Lee really HATES Ray/YOT and all his stuff. Do all you guys remember the quote: "Go home, the cage is clean!" Fuck HC nostalgia and get a clue!

Anonymous said...

Oh fuck!
You are bunch of fucking loosers, who cares about 15 euro and private life of people, which one simple song made for hardcore over the world more then all your lifes.
Me and my friends, who take inspiration to live - from YOT and similar bands, live in Russia, not even in Moscow - 1000 km eastier. Our winter can make you defecate. And we can't go to this shows, because there are no money, no work, only posibillity go to army or in prison. And we wanna say FUCK YOU! thankless bastards.

ShayKM said...

"Our winter can make you defecate"

You got me with that one. That is the punkest fucking thing I have heard in a long while. I will play my first pressings of YOT and thank Darwin I don't live where you do.