Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Flyers and memories from Dave Brown

(Fall Brawl 1989 flyer)

Of the many versions of this flyer - I don't think any of them ended up being 100% accurate. Rest In Pieces & Underdog did not play - but everyone else did. One of the other variations had Judge listed, who also didn't play. Token Entry headlining was cut a bit short due to some police problems outside - if I remember correctly. This was the 1st hardcore fest I ever went to & still one of my favorites after all these years.

(Killing Time/Vision flyer)

Another great WUST Radio Hall event... with a newly renamed Killing Time headlining the stacked bill, I was finally really getting comfortable taking pictures at shows because of this big show. Ken Salerno was on the other side of the stage that night taking pictures too.

(Killing Time at Safari flyer)

This show was actually recorded in it's entirety to be released as a LP featuring all 4 bands... until In-Effect stepped in & squashed Killing Time's involvement, and from what I heard after that the release was scrapped. I had so much fun during Killing Time that I didn't bother taking any pictures of them (and still regret it).

(Killing Time/Sheer Terror flyer)

This show is special for a few reasons... the main one being that my wife was at this show too - though we didn't actually meet until many years later. It was also my 1st time seeing Sheer Terror live & they blew away every expectation I had. I have a soundboard tape of this show that will eventually see the light on too.

(Mouthpiece flyer)

I think this was my 1st time seeing Mouthpiece, with the main memory I have is of their bass player jumping & accidentally cracking me in the forehead with the headstock. I was a sweaty bloody mess. I have held onto this flyer because it has a young Ken Olden on it in his Domino's Pizza uniform at work... and is still hilarious!

(Shelter flyer)

Me & my friends were outside smoking some crazy weed during Desiderata, and also missed most of Worlds Collide too. I was asked to help keep kids off the stage during Shelter, and accepted, even though I was high as a kite. As Shelter started, things got really blurry in my brain... and I remember looking up at Ray as he stood next to me singing... and in my stoned state I thought to myself "Ray totally knows I'm high & is SO disappointed in me right now". Ray neither noticed, nor cared either way... though I am guessing he thought I was the laziest bouncer with my half-assed effort keeping kids off of the stage that night. It's funny to tell this story now, since it is the only thing I remember about the show. This show memory is a reminder why I love being SE now too.

(Supertouch flyer)

This was probably the worst place I have seen a hardcore show, since it was a tiny bar that was smaller than an average living room. They had plywood stacked on the actual bar area so the bands could stand on it, leaving the audience a tiny area to watch them play. Release opened the show with Supertouch headlining. I have no idea if any other shows happened here, since I never went there again.

(Uppercut/Outburst show flyer)

I can't remember if Strength In Numbers played or not... Outburst & Gut Instinct were solid as usual. Uppercut covering AC/DC's "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap" was an added bonus. I don't recall this being a packed Safari Show... but it was still a fun one!


Anonymous said...

Great stuff Dave! I remember the fine print on that last Safari flyer saying we "were" playing so be there, sucka...that's because a month earlier we got snarled in some pretty god awful traffic in Jersey and showed up so late that the gig was over. But somebody offered up their house for an after party in Northern Virginia and we offered to play the party for free. No PA system in that basement so Brian just led the crowd like a conductor and everybody was on vocals that night.

And we also made sure to leave early enough to make that next Safari gig, for sure.

The Fall Brawl at WUST was a great show. I remember chilling with Mackie backstage before Icemen went on. I was such a huge fan of his but didn't want to get all fanboy, so we talked about abusing BJ Papas' stuffed squirrel "Stripey" at her apartment a few weeks before.

We began to cover Banned in DC just for the DC shows and man, those DC kids could really tear it up.

moe said...

Great Stuff DB...tons of memories in those flyers, thanks

Anonymous said...

The NY flyers were pretty heavily saturated with that overused lame-ass grafitti art.

Velha escola Nova escola said...

Great flyers !!! Congratulations for your blog , hugs .

Anonymous said...

The flyers are all from DC - not NY. And they were all done by the same guy, which would be the reason they look similar. I would rather have someone take the time to draw a flyer by hand, instead of just borrowing images from the internet(which takes zero time). Kyle's flyers looked better than 99% of the other flyers people did at the time.

Kevin Young said...

I think Outburst played a party that we played. I remember meeting Matt Burger for the first time at that party. He had just moved to DC from Chicago. He had his infamous letterman jacket. Ha.

From what I remember Tim Chunks car got broken into outside the WUST. That's why their set was so short.

Celebrated Summer said...

Dave, although I missed that Supertouch show at the Closet I did see Life Sentence there and a few others. Also That Mouthpiece show was awesome!

Anonymous said...

Great stuff once again...... Love the GRAFF. / Tag art on the flyers.. It's part of that era- history. That's what's up.

DJ said...

This brings back memories. Fall Brawl was an appropriate name since a huge fight broke out we kicked those DC Skins asses!!! ahhh the glory years.....

Anonymous said...

i agree. too much lame ass graffiti art.

Ibn Mark said...

The graffiti art is awesome, and captures the time and place so well. What kind of square do you have to be to not appreciate that?

Anonymous said...

Hardcore kids on the verge of going to college immersing themselves in graffiti art--talk about trying to be something you're not. Graffiti tip was stupid back then. Cringe-worthy and embarassing now.

Ibn Mark said...

"Hardcore kids on the verge of going to college immersing themselves in graffiti art--talk about trying to be something you're not.”…If you knew anything about Graf, you’d know that many of the pioneers from the 70’s were white and some even came from middle class backgrounds (Crazy huh!!?) So someone’s going to college and writes grafitti?…Why does that bother you? I know a lot of people have an aversion to all things hip hop, but I never knew there were so many in this day and age….

Anonymous said...

"Graf?" Is that what they call it? What a kick in the balls.

Anonymous said...

Too bad half you lames didn't speak up back in the day about flyer art and try to create your own style of advertising. It's a part of the history from that era. So don't knock it.
For those that lived it - Know what's up. That's what was on and poppin' in the late 80's. GRAFF. short for GRAFFITI. Genius. Black- white- latin... doesn't matter! All of you new jacks that wish you were around when HC was HC can complain about what ever you want these days. RESPECT YOUR HISTORY.... unless you got something better - which i doubt

Anonymous said...

Oh yay! Let me guess--Graf is about unity and respect, and is all-inclusive. I'm all for history. But the pollyanna nonsense I can do without.

Howie said...

Funny - I don't remember In-Effect squashing any Killing Time live recording...but we've been blamed for everything from WWII to the earthquakes in Haiti!!!

Ibn Mark said...

You’ve never heard the term “Graf”? Ummm…ok. Like the guy above said... It’s not that hard to figure out that it’s short for graffiti. Maybe you should read up on the subject or at least watch “Style Wars" before commenting. And yeah…Why are you talking about Pollyanna again? This subject seems to strike a nerve with you in a weird way. Let me ask what you’re into bro?