Thursday, September 23, 2010

Tidbits from the past

Project X table sign from The Superbowl of Hardcore at the Ritz.

It was on "our table," I guess that night some or all of the bands had a table, like a reserve type thing. God knows we didn't get paid, or a soundcheck or anything. I remember Chris Williamson basically saying we had to play immediately or we couldn't play, hence the drums were totally fucked up, we had no time to set up. Click click click, we started...Alex tried to jump off the drum riser, skidded across and fell on his ass, it was a train wreck but fun. - Sammy Siegler

Project X at The Ritz, Photo: BJ Papas

Original Chain Of Strength hand written lyrics

These were used in early rehearsals and studio sessions. Curt left them in my bass case and I've had them in a folder in a box in the closet next to all other random lyrics for Statue, Inside Out, etc. - Alex Barreto

Chain Of Strength, True Till Death 7" photo shoot, Photo courtesy of: Rev Vault


Anonymous said...

The lyrics pic. would look dope on a tshirt

Anonymous said...

Their edge is duller than a butter knife.

ShayKM said...

Great stuff here. Seeing those Chain lyrics brings back a lot of great memories. Those words still apply to some of us out here in HC land. Funny how bands will hit the right note and then later forget how sweet it sounded.

Tattooed Geek said...

Project X at The Ritz, the first Super Bowl of Hardcore. That was the best show I have seen to this day. Once Porcell Flipped into the crowd it was all over for me. They Kicked Ass that night.

Anonymous said...

I invented Star Wars.

Anonymous said...

Nathanial Hornblower?

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