Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Why Be Something That You're Not at Asbury Lanes

I don’t think I can really explain to all of you out there in DCXX land my utter shock and delight when Jordan from Rev called me on a busy Monday afternoon at my work to tell me the books were completed and ready to ship. Last week, it seemed there might be slight possibility that the books could get here late this week or early next, but now here he was giving me tracking info and shipment sizes and all that stuff. Not two seconds after receiving that call, I get another from the shipping company on when would be the best time for the books to be delivered this week. Was this really happening? It seems like after all the headaches and horseshit, this thing is an actual tangible book. Very strange…
So anyway, I will be bringing down a small handful of books to the Negative Approach show at the Asbury Lanes in Asbury Park, N.J. this Friday (6/18/10) If you’re in the area and feel like getting the book three weeks prior to its’ release date, by all means COME ON DOWN!!! I’m thinking of rubber stamping this batch or doing something that’ll separate them from the rest. Hell, maybe I’ll even sign one or two. You know Brannon would be more than happy to sign one for you!

Although my book might be about Detroit, I am swollen with Jersey pride over the fact that it will be first made available here in my old stomping grounds; the Garbage State. Now someone cue up some Open Eyes and let’s party!

Hope to see y’all at the Lanes on Friday -TR


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Brett Hardware said...

Tony, I'm coming just for the book. Congrats, and I want mine signed!