Tuesday, December 22, 2009

BL'AST! live in Toronto, Canada 1990

Hopefully I'm not jumping the gun with a BL'AST! entry when we'll most likely be doing another one next week, but honestly I just couldn't resist. Mark Anthony posted these videos on the Livewire board a few days ago and I couldn't help but share them with all those that missed that original post. Either way, lay into these incredible videos that capture the power of BL'AST! and expect more BL'AST! sooner than later. BL'AST! It Back-Tim DCXX


LOYA said...


Russ said...

Fuck! How awesome is Bl'ast!???

Joey said...

Bl'ast! is one of those bands that even though they are powerful as hell on record and even on video, it doesn't quite do them justice. Seeing them live was just a whole different level.

Great fucking band!

mike neider said...

whoa... cool.

Anonymous said...


members of bl'ast, if you are reading this: please do a full bl'ast interview with double cross -

it could be titled "BL'AST! The Complete Story On Absolute Destructive Sound"

double cross boys: THANK YOU!!! AND MAKE THIS HAPPEN!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Very weird to see this, I shot this video and hadn't seen it in years & years. This was a strange show, a poppy band called Unrest opened along with an even poppier group called the Mommyheads. B'last! were great though.

Anonymous said...

Always loved Bl'ast but never saw them live - and I always got very annoyed when Rollings put them down as just a Black Flag imitation but after having seen the video I must say there are undeniable similarities. Still love Bl'ast though, so powerful. Amazing.