Sunday, February 1, 2009

Vision - "In The Blink Of An Eye" show

Vision at Scott Hall, Photo: Ken Salerno

So the cat is out of the bag, New Jersey Hardcore legends, Vision have a great show lined up for Saturday April 4th, 2009. In celebration of 20 years since it's release, Vision plan to play a show in New Brunswick, New Jersey at the Court Tavern, with the full original "In The Blink Of An Eye" LP lineup of Dave Franklin, Matt Riga, Pete Tabbot and original bassist, Chris McGill. Frontman, Dave Franklin tells us that they'll be playing the "In The Blink Of An Eye" LP from start to finish. I for one know I won't be missing this. More info and other bands will be announced. -Tim DCXX


Isaac Golub said...

I bought the Kraut 7" and the Vision 7" with the monkeys on it off of Tim Sawyer back in '91 for about $10.

That Vision 7" and the Dive 7" I scored off of Robb from CT. will always be in my top 5 faves.

In The Blink of An Eye was good too.

Hope to see you kids in March at The Chorus/ No For An Answer show @ Chain Reaction

Anonymous said...

"In the Blink of an Eye" is definetely one of my top 5 favorite hardcore records of all time. It's timeless and it brings back much-missed high school memories!
Any opinions about their 2nd LP, "Just Short of Living"?
I think i'll definetely be at the show!

Benj said...

I actually LOVE "Just Short of Living." They got a bum deal when that came out, because it is a brilliant album that got awful distribution and then the label it was on folded, making it really hard to find. It has some definite metallic tinges but is not "metalcore," nor is it NYC-style hardcore, but it is something really different and unique. I think Vin Villanueva playing on it had a lot to do with its different sound.

ptabbot said...

Vin actually didn't play on that album....He just was credited and had a photo because he had just started playing with us when the record saw light of day. ;)

SFader said...

I had the privilege of seeing Vision live twice. Once in Reseda at the Country Club and once years later in Santa Cruz. One of the best drummers in hardcore, the poor guy was playing badly broken crash cymbals!
I joked with the singer about using some band-fund money to buy him some new ones. (I really don't think they had any band-fund money unfortunately)