Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Icemen Poster Contest

Just when you thought we might have been out of Icemen material here at Double Cross, we bring you something new. Our friend Patrick Kitzel over at Reaper Records had silk screened some sick 18 x 24 posters for the new Icemen record (of old material) out now on Reaper (reaper-records.com). There were only 50 of these, all hand numbered and signed by guitarist Marco, made only available through the Reaper webstore if you bought the Icemen pack (record, shirt, sticker, etc.).

Patrick has teamed up with us to give away the few remaining posters, which are not available for sale. Want one? If so, email me any and all Icemen photos you have. Whoever submits the coolest photo(s) that we don't have will get one of these in the mail pronto. This way everyone is happy - the band gets some photos I'm sure they are itching to see, and you get a great piece of artwork to frame. Obviously, Icemen photos aren't a dime a dozen, but I guess neither are these posters. We're psyched to see what anyone can submit.

So dig up those photos and email them to me at:


Thanks! -Gordo DCXX


Thomas said...

they made 100 not only 50.
mine is #83 /100

Anonymous said...

I have news for all of you: Icemen=suck

Ed Good Life said...

That 7" sounds like a Motörhead clone all the way, what up with that... not particularly psyched.

Anonymous said...

Are all 100 signed or only 50 signed?

I've seen the original Icemen a few times, thought they were cool, but they were never a favorite of mine. Over the years they have grown on me though. I haven't heard this new release, but now that I know about it, I'll order one.

Oh and to the anonymous poster who thinks they need to inform us all about the Icemen sucking, show some respect, what are you 12?

Jason A.

Mikemike said...

I can't believe anyone still cares about The Icemen. BORING BORING BORING. Not bad, but boring.

joshster said...

we care because


The Icemen fucking destroy you and your opinion. Please please please enlighten me with your list of 10 HC bands you think would not be blown away by the almighty ICEMEN...I guarentee for the most part your list will be safe choices or just laughable ones.

Pim said...

Did you flip the 7" Ed? The other side sounds like the Cro Mags (but before they actually existed). Both sides sound great, good stuff.

Anonymous said...

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