Sunday, July 13, 2008

WARZONE "Lower East Side Crew" Revelation:1

Warzone Photo: Tsetseflynyhc

Sometime during the fall of 2003 I hooked up with Cappo and spent a few days in NYC helping him film and interview for a NYHC documentary that he was planning on doing. Among the many people that we met up and interviewed, was Duane from Some Records. Duane came to Ray's mothers house for the interview and brought along with him a large box that was stacked to the top with old NYHC demos and flyers. A large portion of the flyers were doubles that Duane had, so he left them for Ray. Ray in turn gave them to me.

Among this large collection of flyers was this great 11x17 poster / ad for Revelation's first release, the Warzone -"Lower East Side Crew" 7". Not only cool because it's the Warzone 7" and Revelation's first release, but interesting to read the "Coming Soon" releases. New York City Straight Edge Compilation 7" with: Youth Of Today, Warzone, Bold and Straight Ahead. Plus an Insted 7" and a Bold 7" on the way. Definitely could have been interesting. -Tim DCXX



Bella's Book Boutique said...

Yup...remember when that flyer was up on the wall at Some Records...Duane heavily promoting that 7". I had the green vinyl and black. -Dave K.

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