Thursday, July 31, 2008

Drew Beat - BOLD Memories Vol.III

BOLD last 7" photo shoot, photo courtesy of Matt Warnke

We interviewed Drew BOLD a few years back and got some great material out of him. Here is a quick snippet from that interview, expect much more from time to time in the future.  -DCXX

The hardcore thing early on wasn't really a part of it for us in Crippled Youth. It was more just being crazy and punk. It wasn't the youth crew thing that would come later, we weren't in that mode yet. The aesthetic was more just about just having fun and writing crazy shit and being punked out and not caring and playing fast. We had fucked up hair and clothes, and I still have fucked up hair. But we were, for lack of a better term, bold about it as young kids in junior high. People didn't like that.

Even the early Crippled Youth lyrics for the songs on the EP at first were different, just funny and fucked up. I think "Walk Tall, Walk Straight" was called "Desperate For Beer," you know? So, a lot of the Connecticut people early on that saw us knew us got bummed out when we got "brainwashed" or whatever by YOT and aligned more with the youth crew thing and with straight edge.

But from there we definitely aligned with Youth Of Today, there was just so much momentum with what they were doing, and we were able to hop in on that with them. From there it was really like the whole youth crew thing. There was a look, and a vibe, and an attitude, right down to the style of dress with hooded sweatshirts, army pants, and high tops. It was a real combination of everything. And we felt at home with that. It just all came together, the youth crew. And that was in Connecticut, it was before we really shifted towards New York and the city. We were really able to piss off enough people in Connecticut to kind of get run out of there. So once John and Ray moved to NY, we kinda followed in we had a place to really play out and get to on the weekends.

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