Tuesday, July 29, 2008

JUDGE / November 25th 1988 / The Anthrax / Norwalk CT.

Once again, Cliff hits us up with another killer set. And yes, it's another Judge set, this time from the Alone In A Crowd show. Mike in a Montville hat with some great stage banter,
an X'ed up Jimmy Yu slammin' hard on Alex Pain's bass, Porcell in a BOLD shirt throwin' the fist, a crowd climbing Jules and stage diving by the Chain Of Strength guys... priceless.

Sorry to anyone who's not a Judge fan, because god knows we've been throwing Judge at you on a regular basis. Actually, no, we're not sorry, if you don't like Judge you probably wouldn't like this page and we probably wouldn't like you. We're joking... of course. -DCXX


Anonymous said...

Awesome show, I can still almost feel the sweat. This video shows you the black eye of the Anthrax....all those fucking people on the side of the stage. They should have all been in the front row so we could jump on them.


Dave Stein said...

That standing on the stage thing started with the youth crew...Ray and Porcell. Put me on the list of people who hated it as well. It started at the Anthrax and spread down the east coast and out to Cali.

Brett Hardware said...

This was one of the best Judge sets I ever saw. I still have the Underdog shirt I was wearing that night.

muebles madrid said...

Here, I don't really believe this will work.