Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Photographer Spotlight: Dave Sine

Against The Wall / Spanky's / 1990

Dave is one of the great photographers to come out of that late 80's Southern California hardcore scene. Starting out with his own fanzine On Line, then on to Tidbit Fanzine, then on to numerous records, Dave's photography has really gotten around. More to come. -DCXX

Insight / Spanky's / 1990

Chain Of Strength / Spanky's / 1989

Insted / The Country Club / 1989


Ricardo said...

Ass kicking pics man, they got me totally amped!


Dave Sine is the man, his photos are absolutely some of the best ever. We all owe him a big thanks for contributing.

chad said...

Yeah man... dope to see these. dave's photos were always inspiring and he was always super nice to me over the years. loved On Line and Tidbit, still have all my copies.

my (rhetorical) question is... how did i miss seeing Insight at Spanky's Cafe in 1990??

Ricardo said...

Gotta love the wireless mic...