Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Minor Threat mock up

I had this local punk guy named Jon LeVine that lived in my town. Jon did a fanzine called Faith sometime around 85/86. Jon also briefly did a record label and worked at a local punk record shop called Grot. When he was first starting his record label he was corresponding with Ian MacKaye over at Dischord and getting tips and suggestions on how to start up a label. Ian sent Jon this unused, uncut Minor Threat 7" for reference on how to hand cut, fold and glue his own 7" covers. Jon gave me the cover sometime around 87/88 when I was buying his Crippled Youth and Underdog 7" off of him. He threw the Minor Threat cover into the deal, along with a cool Underdog New Beginning Records poster that was used to promote the release of the 7". The Minor Threat covers been buried in a box for years and I just recently came across it and thought it would make for a cool DCXX entry. Ordinarily I convert all photos to grayscale for this page, but with this entry I'm making an exception. -Tim DCXX

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Brushback said...

Cool that you'd mention the Underdog New Beginning poster-- I'm the one who finished the layout for it, and then walked it over to the print shop a couple of blocks from where I lived (in Waterbury, CT) and had them printed up. I think for $20 we were able to get 100 of them printed-- there aren't many of them around, in any case.