Sunday, October 5, 2008

DCXX Post 200: Gus Pena - The Youth Of Today "No More" video filming

Beyond sing along at The Anthrax, the night of the "No More" filming. Notice Steve Reddy (Equal Vision Records) with the X'ed fist in the air. Photo: Boiling Point

Here's another re-print from Impact Fanzine issue two. Gus talked about all sorts of different stuff when I interviewed him, but here's some info about what lead up to the filming for the Youth Of Today 'No More' live footage at The Anthrax in June 1988. If you have ever seen that footage, you know it is awesome. Bodies flying everywhere, Steve Reddy stage diving in an SSD shirt, Tom Kennedy getting his nose smashed in by Porcell, even Vic DiCara is going off. So, that show being what it was, we figured that having a little more info about it can't hurt.

-Gordo DCXX

We did this mini-tour with GB/Beyond, and it led up to the first time that GB ever headlined The Anthrax with YOT, for the YOT No More filming. But, it wasn't really a YOT show, it was a big GB show and YOT just happened to be doing the "No More" filming too, and they only played "No More," maybe they played one other. Walter was furious because he didn't think that people would remember it as the first time GB headlined, but that they would remember it as the YOT video show.

So this is the day of the show, somehow we were eating ice cream somewhere and it came to a head with someone getting hit with a spoonful of ice cream. Then that turned into more ice cream, chocolate syrup, various food, and even dirt all getting thrown at everyone. This is before the show, and we were covered in all sorts of shit. We were like, "What the hell are we gonna do?" Here we had this show in a few hours, and we're sitting in New Haven covered in this shit.

So there's this girl that we had known from years back that lived in New Haven, and I said, "I know! Becky Tupper lives in New Haven!" Porcell says, "You're right! I know where she lives! Let's go!" So we go to her Mother's house and all of us were just covered in dirt and all this crap, only really wearing shorts. At that time I would just do stuff to make Arthur laugh, so I was just a complete nut, just like walking around barefoot the whole weekend and doing weird stuff. So Becky sees this, and she's just like, "Oh my God, ok, one at a time and Gus, you can't even come on the porch, just stay there."

Walter stage diving for Beyond, the night of the "No More" filming. Notice the striped shirt and shorts. Photo: Boiling Point

So we had to take showers and change and all this. So then we went to that show. So if you ever notice that video, Walter is wearing the weirdest outfit, he's wearing like pajamas, plaid shorts and a striped shirt, because all of his regular clothes got ruined. I think the other guys must have borrowed other shirts or actually gotten brand new t-shirts at the show. So getting there that day was the fun part.

The show and the No More fliming was interesting. I was a kid, so I would just time my stage dives perfectly. Like when that first bass line would open up I would do these floating, sprawled out stage dives. I remember I did that a couple of times and some of the timing was perfect, so Ray came to me between a couple of the takes and was like, "Do that again! Do that again!" It was basically like, "Hurl your body from the stage!" And that was not a hard thing to ask me to do. Ok sure, why not? It was just known that I was gonna go nuts.


Greg B. said...

Amazing...thanks for posting this. I remember that show. I was there, standing in the back of the room jaw dropped and amazed. I remember YOT having to start and restart playing the song half a dozen times because it was too insane and the place would explode every time the bass line started and the concern was that no one would be able to see the band. And poor Walter was right. I forgot for the last 20 years that GB even played...

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