Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Chain Of Strength - Then and Now

Chain Of Strength at City Gardens, Trenton NJ, Photo: Ken Salerno

On Wednesday October 8th, 2008, Anthony and Nathan from the newly released book Radio Silence, put together a Los Angeles book release party. John Joseph, Craig Ahead, Mackie and AJ busted out a Cro-Mags jam. Chris Bratton, Jon Roa, Jason Farrell, John Joseph, Mark Owen, Shaun Ross, Dan O'Mahony and Gavin Ogelsby took part in a Q&A. Also in attendance were members of: Chain Of Strength, Justice League, Swiz, No For An Answer, Insted, Amenity and the Gorilla Biscuits.

At some point during the event, since all the members of Chain Of Strength were present, Frosty's brother Steve gathered them all up and snapped off a few photos. Thanks to Andrew Kline from Strife, he managed to forward me a bunch of the pics. I thought it would be cool to do a little "Then and Now" type feature with the current photos from the Radio Silence show and mix in a couple of old pics. -Tim DCXX

The Chain Crew, 10/8/2008, Photo: Steve Hertz

Alex Pain and Chris Bratton from Chain hanging with Mark "Helmet" from Hard Stance 89/90

The Chain Crew, 10/8/2008, Photo: Steve Hertz


ERIC SXE said...

Very interesting. I was wondering what ever became of the infamous Chain Of Strength. I heard the Curt is a police officer somewhere in SoCal. That's cool that they all were there and got some pictures. I'm wondering if there is any chance of a reunion show or two in the future. Are any of those guys even remotely edge anymore? LMAO. some guy on ebay is selling COS shirts with the true till death picture on the back. They look pretty decent. Once again, great job Tim!!

Anonymous said...

Ha, keep dreaming buddy. There was a rumor of them reuniting for a show 2 years back but that was it...just a rumor.

DAVID said...

Mindblowing. Wow.

Anonymous said...

Who is who in the CHAIN pic???

adam said...

yeah.. who is who in the new chain pics.. ie who is the shagger?

AP said...

L to R
Curtis, Ryan, Chris, Frosty and Alex.

Bratton has long hair and is still Straight Edge, he could be the greatest human to talk to about hardcore. All the Chain dudes were nice as hell and supportive at the Nike Release Party, so stoked on the photo-reunion!

Surprises for fun.

Bratton has a new band called Millions of Dead Compilations, they just played in San Diego and did Flex Your Head top to bottom.

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