Thursday, October 2, 2008

Feedback Friday: BOLD

BOLD at City Gardens, Trenton NJ, Photo: Ken Salerno

This particular photo has always meant a lot to me. Back when Tony and I were doing Common Sense Fanzine, Ken Salerno used to hook us up with a constant flow of great photos (as Ken still does now with DCXX). A week or so following any big show, Tony could expect a nice package in his mailbox from Ken. After the BOLD, Gorilla Biscuits, Crucial Youth show at City Gardens (July 9th 1989), just like clockwork, Tony received a pile of BOLD and GB photos in the mail. The morning Tony got those photos, he immediately got on the phone and gave me a call. He told me there were some sick photos from the show and one of the best, which was of BOLD, even had me in it. Now being a 15 year old kid, super psyched on hardcore and loving the hell out of BOLD and Gorilla Biscuits, to see yourself in the crowd in a photo for one of those bands was comparable to getting a cameo in your favorite TV show. Imagine it's 1982 and you end up in a episode of The Dukes of Hazard... yeah, that's kinda what it felt like, at least for me at 15. So anyway, I hop on my skateboard, cruise over to Tony's and lay into these photos. Just as Tony said, they were amazing, mind blowing to put it bluntly. This particular photo of BOLD right off the bat knocked me on my ass. The way that Ken was able to capture the moment was, as cliche as it sounds, really special. Matt with both of his arms stretched out over the crowd, giving a larger than life sing along... just sick.

A few months later I get my monthly subscription copy of Thrasher Magazine in the mail. Paging through it I stumble upon what photo but this exact BOLD photo of Ken Salernos. Wow, my favorite magazine now has a photo of one of my favorite bands and I'm in the freakin' photo! Again, I was psyched and that moment seeing that photo in Thrasher is one I will never forget.

All these years later, I contributed a bunch of photos to BOLD and Revelation for the release of the discography. I remember showing Matt my copy of the Salerno shot that ended up in Thrasher and he obviously was pretty psyched on the photo himself. Once I heard the photo was going to end up on the cover of the discog, again I was excited to see it come to fruition.

So there you have it, another classic photo for Feedback Friday. Obviously this photo probably won't mean as much to a lot of others as it does to me, but with that being said, it's still a pretty heavy and defining photograph of a great band that was truly at the top of their game when this photo was taken. As Feedback Friday goes, let the comments roll. -Tim DCXX

As a bonus to posting this photo, I thought it might be fun and somewhat interesting to highlight and identify some of the people that made up the crowd for this classic photo. Some you may know, some you may not.

1. Jeremy, singer of Stand Up
2. Me (Tim), brace faced, Chicago Bulls hat wearing, both arms in the sky praising the mighty BOLD
3. Brian Schwinn, guitarist from Intensity
4. Travis Shirk, singer of Transmission / Conviction
5. Geoff Dagastino of TDT Screenprinting, climbing the crowd
6. Dan Hornecker, guitarist from Ressurection, Mouthpiece, Hands Tied
7. Jim Hogan, local Trenton kid and friends with Mouthpiece
8. Kelly Houston, local Trenton kid and friends with Mouthpiece
9. Kevin Craig, NJ tattoo artist, responsible for 3 of my 4 tattoos
10. Jay Laughlin, guitarist of Turning Point
11. Gentleman Jim, bass player of Crucial Youth / City Gardens bouncer
12. Darren Walters, Hi Impact Record / Jade Tree Records
13. Nick Greif, bass player of Turning Point


Anonymous said...

Still like to listen to BOLD. Don't care what people say, they were the jam when I was a kid.
Peace. Shawn Zappo

Ben Edge said...

I had that Thrasher, and I cut the BOLD photo out and had it on my wall for several years. The caption is something like, "Bold have a big new sound." I think there was a piece on Underdog in the same issue. I read an interview with McMahon (don't remember which zine) where he talks about being in this photo, and I always thought he was the guy directly to the right of #8 (Kelly Houston). I never would have guessed he was the kid with the hat. Hands Tied is on the cover of Tension Building #4 (the one that came with The Time Is Now 7" comp), and he is very consciously re-enacting this photo of Bold (correct me if I'm wrong, Tim). I always thought it was the best photo of that band, and I was stoked that it made it onto the discography. I'm stoked to have shared the stage with Matt and Tim years after their music had made such an impact on me.

Donny Binaco said...

Oh shit, The Kevin Craig. I got lucky enough to be the subject of a Ken Salerno photo for skating back when Thrasher used to do the Raw Meat series. Keep it rolling, Tim.

Anonymous said...

I think Sand In The Face opened this show right before Crucial Youth came out with the giant toothbrush.

ERIC SXE said...

Cool picture and story Tim!

I still rock "Speak Out" on the regular around here. I like that better than their later stuff. It's nice and raw!

Larry said...

Ill photo. Love this one and the YOT/Salerno/Thrasher shot too.

200lbu said...

It always kinda burned my cheese that I never appeared in this photo. I was packed up front like everyone else there, so I really don't understand how I escaped Salerno's lens.

Sand in the Face did open up this show and you would of sworn they announced they had AIDZ or something with the reaction they got. I remember the only person up front for them being Pete from Vision. Everyone else was packed like sardines in the back afraid to come within 10 feet of the stage. Real weird...

-cja said...

so who owns the Camel hat?

i still think the last 7" is their best material. while i loved 'speak out' when i first got into the core, that final EP/Looking Back disc is what i play most.

benj said...

holy shit, i had no idea some of those people were in that photo! i am still in touch with numbers 3 and 8.

blue condition said...

I loved the Capone Bold and I remember feeling like they smoked GB that day. Crucial photo indeed.

MMZ said...

I remember Insted played the day before this show at the Pipeline in Newark. My whole crew rolled up to City Gardens, 6 or 7 of us waiting in line all decked out with different color Insted shirts. What a classic weekend.

Damaged said...

I think I saw Stand Up play at the Anthrax back in the day. Were they from PA? And did they release a yellow, floppy 7 inch among other things?