Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Judge - "Fed Up", at the Anthrax 1/7/89

While scouring YouTube as we often do here at DCXX, we came across this incredible Judge video from the Anthrax club in Norwalk, Connecticut, January 7th, 1989. Now I've seen this set before, but never at this exact angle and of this quality. Usually I would just ad this video to my favorites and call it a day, but decided posting it up here on DCXX might not be a bad idea.

Take note to Gus SXE's dives, the dude knew how to get the job done. In case you can't tell, he's wearing a white GB "Better Than You" shirt. Early in the video Gus finds himself on top of the crowd, on his back, than powers himself off the crowd, back on to his feet, on the stage and then back into the crowd again with a spinning dive. Looked like a really fun show for sure and Judge sound incredible.

We'll continue scouring YouTube for more exceptional hardcore videos to post up here. We're also in the process of converting a lot of our own personal collection to digital format, so expect to see some of that in the future as well.



Brett said...

wow that has to be pretty much the best video (audio AND visual) quality wise that i've ever seen come out of that era. i wish all our fav bands had something like that for us to find. thanks guys!

Unknown said...

I'm objecting to your calling Gus Pena "Gus SXE". The last few times I saw him he was smoking a cigarette outside a bar, torn between a beer inside an a cigarette outside while trying to pretend his magazine meant something. Yeah, about as meaningful as Oceans of Mercy.


Artie... I call Gus Pena "Gus SXE" because that's what I've always called the guy, at least over the past 20 years. Straight Edge or not, the guy will always be known as GUS SXE. Just like Mike Ferraro is known as Mike Judge. Mike hasn't done Judge for what, 18 years? We all still call him Mike Judge though. Especially when watching a video of Judge from 1989, Gus was undoubtedly, Gus SXE. Should I start calling him Gus Chord? Nah, doesn't sound right.

Unknown said...

Anyone who knows him as Gus SXE knows him as Gus Pena.
He lost the privilege of being known by Gus SXE when he turned his back on it. You're helping to contribute to a myth by continuing to perpetrate it.

Comparing the "nickname" to Mike Judge, who got the name by singing for a band, not pretending to support a belief system, misses the point. Mike doesn't lose credibility for his affiliation with Judge because the band broke up; the same can't be the said for Gus No Edge.

Not now, never was.


Well I don't know much about that whole "Not Now Never Was" comment, but to each his own. Discounting what people did or were in the past because they've changed today has never been my bag. I'm not really all that concerned with perpetrating what Gus is one way or another. When the guy was stage diving to Judge at the Anthrax, he was certainly Gus SXE and that's what I was commenting on.

RobT said...

Great video. I posted up mp3s of the whole set on my blog: