Thursday, May 8, 2008


Schism... the epitome, the all-encompassing, the complete collection and package. From the fanzines, to the t-shirts, to the records, it was all done with a unique style, attitude and quality that's often imitated, but rarely matched.

There's no question, Schism's influence weighs heavily on all that is Double Cross. Creatively and design-wise Schism packed a punch and left an impression. A mixture of strong, bold fonts, with relatively well done hand drawn artwork and sick photography made for a killer combination. Sure, Alex and Porcell borrowed from the zines and labels of the early 80s that set the ball in motion and did a hell of a job in capturing the energy and style of ferocious hardcore music in print. Schism really seemed to know how to capitalize on it though. Whether it is Schism issue number 6, the navy Judge longsleeve, the Wide Awake seven inch, or anything in between, everything has left a lasting visual impression on us. As far as we are concerned, this shit is priceless.

While we could probably devote the rest of this site to every little Skiz artifact, and surely intend to do just that over the course of time, we figured we'd formally kick things off here with a little info on where it all began. And as many may already know, it wasn't even in New York City, or on the east coast. The story goes that Alex Brown was a hardcore kid trapped in Iowa, playing in the band Children Of The Corn. He started a fanzine called Love Seat, and as he increasingly grew more attracted to the growing straight edge scene across the country, his zine reflected it. He ended up moving to NYC to go to school, and Love Seat issue 5 showed that without question he was now a part of the NYC Hardcore scene. A tough piece of literature to dig up, the final issue of Love Seat has the Schism attitude and look, even if it didn't use the name.

After meeting Youth Of Today and becoming fast friends with the band upon arriving in NYC, Alex decided a new name for the zine was necessary, especially in light of the ball busting he took for his title selection. Having heard Raybeez say, "There's schism in dem beads, bo!" in regards to Hare Krishna neckbeads, the name "Schism" got tossed around by Cappo and Jordan for a new record label. They went with Revelation, and Alex was quick enough to snatch Schism as the name for what was formerly known as Love Seat. From there we got Schism issue number 6, then a guy named Porcell, the PX seven inch...and as they say, the rest is history. But don't think that means we aren't going to document the living shit out of it. Consider this a trailer for what is to come very soon. -DCXX


Ben Edge said...

Let's see some Love Seat reprints on this blog! Or straight up scans.

Mickey Nolan said...

I have Love Seat #1. I need to get my hands on a scanner.

200lbu said...

I said it once, so I'll say it again...remember where you got that issue of Loveseat from, freck back.



I will never forget, no worries there Fritbo!

Slobodan Burgher said..., scroll down. We need more zines, get in touch.