Thursday, May 29, 2008

Dylan Schreifels - Youth Crew memories

[Youth Of Today - "We're Not In This Alone" promo shoot, Dylan on bike]

I interviewed Dylan for Impact Fanzine number two. What was cool in talking with Dylan was how psyched he was in recalling his youth spent in clubs and vans, hanging out as practically an honorary member of Youth Of Today and Gorilla Biscuits, notoriously known as "Walter's little bro." I figured some random cool excerpts from that interview were worth posting if you didn't catch it the first time around in print. Shout out and props to Pete Russo, Impact style.

-Gordo DCXX

One thing funny that I remember is that at the Norwalk Anthrax, there was this guy that worked there who would kind of sweep up; his name was Spazz. I don't know if he was kind of retarded, I think he was friends with the guy who owned that place. I just remember everybody called him Spazz because he was slightly retarded. But he would clean up. One time, after a YOT show, we were all there after taking equipment out and nobody else was really there. Spazz was just kinda sweeping up, and Ray just kinda teasing him. And then Spazz started chasing Ray around with his broom. It was for like a few minutes. That was kinda typical of that guy. He was older, he had like curly dark hair. He looked kinda like a punk dude, sort of like The Ramones kinda style. But I think he was into like, retard stuff, that's what he picked up. He was a nice guy, but he was just kind of out there. You should ask people about Spazz

You know what was a great, awesome fuckin' show there was when the Cro-Mags played. They had like broken up, and then they got back together with Harley singing, one of their first shows back was at The Anthrax. That was fuckin' awesome. We were so expcecting the Cro-Mags to suck without John Joseph, but Harley was awesome, man. It was pretty crowded, because I don't think the Cro-Mags ever played there before. It wasn't as crazy as CB's with John, but definitely sick and they were so good, such a change with Harley. But Harley was so good. He was so fired up because it was like their first show back. I can't remember him saying anything specific, but I'm sure it was good.

Also, there was the wall in the back of the club that everybody wrote on. Right next to the stage was this wall that they white walled, and it was the same day that we went up there with the Project X single and Schism Fanzine. That day we all pretty much covered that wall in writing. That was just a fun moment there. Since we were the first ones there, everything we wrote related to youth crew stuff and made fun of everything else. So next time we were up there, other people had written. I think the AF guys had been there, they wrote stuff. But it was just this overwhelming, powerful wall of straight edge stuff.

The PX record release show...I remember that show because of that wall and selling those records. I remember being in the back room and me and Porcell writing stuff on the labels right there. If you have one of those today with something written on it, it probably got written that day. We wrote them right there. That was a great show. The reason I wouldn't put Project X in with The Anthrax was because of this show they played in the city at The Lismar Lounge. They played, and it was like in a basement on First Avenue and Third Street, it's around the corner from this Hell's Angels clubhouse, I think they had something to do with it. It was downstairs, and it was just packed. They covered a DYS song, "More Than Fashion," and it was just sick. But I don't remember PX playing that much.

Another good story was when Judge played there and they had Jimmy Yu as their bass player. He did like martial arts and stuff, and they had this back room for the bands, and he was doing kicks and stuff. But there was this metal heater or something hanging off the ceiling, and he did this huge kick and just jumped up and whacked it. I mean it was so high. It didn't fall or anything, but it was like, "Holy shit!" He was so acrobatic, it was nuts. He was like this mystery guy, he didn't really hang out. I could never really figure out where he lived, I just knew he stayed in this Buddhist temple in Chinatown. He was like shrouded in mystery (laughter).

Oh, I got another good story. I remember Insted coming out and playing, and having a fight with fireworks in the parking lot after playing. Those guys had like roman candles and bottle rockets, so it was all these dudes from California and us shooting fireworks at each other from van to van. We were in the YOT van, and then there was the Insted van, and fireworks are just all over the place going out at each other. That was fun. Nobody got hurt. I was friends with those guys from being out in California. I had been there for part of a YOT tour out in California, it must have been in '87. So I knew them when they came out here.

I remember Bold's last show there and being really into it. That was really big. I remember being like, "Ok, these guys aren't playing anymore, this is it." That was their last show, and I was always a big Bold fan and good friends with Matt. I always remember that show and being really into it and thinking how good they were.

I think my favorite band though, at The Anthrax, was Side By Side. They just tore up The Anthrax. Jules was so good, and especially in the environment. I think he felt empowered in Connecticut and could be like, "Ok, I;m from New York, and I am just runnin' this place." I think he felt strong there. He was always kinda like that; yelling, and telling people to dance, and you had to. I remember one show where he just comes out with this white
Champion hoodie on the first song even though it was super hot. Just screaming and going nuts. Yeah man, Jules.

Every YOT show was awesome and crazy. To me, YOT shows at CB's were more intense.They really commanded things at CB's, whereas Side By Side really commanded things at The Anthrax. I mean, the YOT Anthrax shows were awesome, but the ones they did at CB's were different.

Judge was great too at The Anthrax, same with Gorilla Biscuits, it was just weekend after weekend, everybody I knew was involved. Those shows would be like, Side By Side, Gorilla Biscuits, Youth Of Today, it was like, "Ok, you know it's gonna be fun!" It was no let down.

That first Shelter show in Norwalk, I think I was at that. It was weird, because me and Porcell would talk about kidnapping Ray and getting him deprogrammed. When we were doing that Ray and Porcell record we would talk about that. Porcell would be like, "Man, we gotta get Ray to sing on this, and we gotta get him deprogrammed!" I think Porcell wanted to call Ray's Mom and be like, "Hey, we gotta get Ray outta this thing." It was weird when Porcell just kinda signed up, I was just like, "What?!" It kind of freaked me out, just because I had so many conversations with Porcell about how bad it was and how it robs you of your personality and freedom. But with Ray, he's calmed down from all that a bit and he's more back to his normal self.


Unknown said...

For Dylan to insult Spazz, who was an important part of the CT hardcore scene for years before the Youth Crew existed shows just how far this kids head was up his own ass.

Spazz played in local CT bands, helped out at the Anthrax for longer than Dylan was ever part of any scene, and was far from a "retard".

In fact, Spazz was harder than most of the Youth Crew kids who had mommy and daddy buy them their Champion hoodies.

That kid never had any respect.

Anonymous said...

well put. BTW, he was the drummer from seizure. not that that would matter, right?

Unknown said...

Thank you...I was having trouble remembering the name of the Spazz' band.

Those Schreifels boys sure like to play fast with the use of the term "retard". "Finish what you started, don't be retarded" is the first thing I thought of when I read the offensive retard word from the younger one.

Spazz contributed more to the scene by being in a band and helping out at the Anthrax than hanger on Dylan ever did by carrying some equipment.

Spike and Roxy said...

Ha ha ha. Jeff (Spazz) is not retarded. As mentioned, he's played in many great CT bands like Seizure, the Bombsite Boys and the Symbionts.

He's still around, I see him at shows every once in a while. Great drummer.

Andy said...

Does anyone know where I can get hold of VHS footage of old youth crew shows, iterviews etc?

Anonymous said...

fuck yourself artie, I know Spazz and you're no Spazz, he's a very cool guy and you're just a jerk with a stupid name so don't call him a "retard" again. People don't choose to have down syndrome you know. They can be as "open hearted" as any person with a heart. The way you mean
"retard" is derogatory. In the GB lyric you reference it means to slow progress, look it up in the dictionary instead of judging other people from the inside of your ass.

And...Ct. hardcore sucks anyway, ask Spazz.

Anonymous said...

I know I am really late on this post, but FUCK THIS KID! This is seriously the most offensive post ever. Tim, I am actually offended you posted this guy's ignorant rant. It's bad enough to see Vic's totally absurd and offensive choice of words, and then remembering Floorpunch and Brett were/are total closet racists and homophobes, and they are worshiped all over this site, but then I gotta stumble across this crap. Walter shot is mouth of about "mongoloids' on his myspace page a while back too... Guess it runs in the family.

I thought HC could have finally grown up.... But honestly it is hard to read hateful ignorant crap from a bunch of washed up has-beens who have nothing going for themselves as adults.

I will always love hardcore, I will always be SXE. I will always be disgusted by ignorance and hatred. I know there are a lot of wonderful people on here, and you all rule.


Tim said...

Gil, relax mate. Artie was sticking up for Spazz. Re-read his comment(s).

write back soon said...

I know I'm super late to this, but god, what a bunch of shit. What the fuck is wrong with you, Dylan, that you would give this guy Spazz shit, who helped make it possible so that all the bands with which you tagged along (and were never a member) could play? It makes you and Ray and whomever else fucked with him for no reason sound like a bunch of dicks.

I know not to expect much from people who are into hardcore, but this is really, really low. Like so fucking dumb.

Finally, what is "retard stuff" as far as music goes?