Monday, May 19, 2008

Jimmy Yu - The New York Crew

Tim and I had been talking about wanting to track down Jimmy Yu for a Double Cross interview (if a reason for wanting to do that is necessary, then you my friend are on the wrong website). We knew he had been going to grad school at Princeton the past few years (FYI: this is up the street from Tim's house), which meant he could have literally been walking around humming the riff to "In My Way" within earshot of us at times and we wouldn't have even known it. Seeing as he is relatively local and nobody has seemed to have heard a peep from him, how could we not get in touch with him?

So I shoot Jimmy an email, and he says he is down and that I should give him a call. Here's the interesting part: he has a 570 area code (like me), which is common in northeast Pennsylvania and the Poconos. Now, I grew up in East Stroudsburg, a small town where my parents still live and I still visit almost every other weekend. Hardcore population: minimal. I figure he is still living in Princeton and maybe just has a random area code number. Wrong. We start talking and Jimmy says he lives in the Poconos. I ask him where specifically and he says, "East Stroudsburg." Whoa, weird. Turns out he is living about a stone's throw up the street from the bedroom I grew up in moshing to Judge (yeah, I definitely did not see Judge, so that is as good as it got for me). Small, small world.

Anyways, we are gonna meet up with Jimmy in a couple weeks, sit down, and get it all on tape - CB's, Death Before Dishonor, Judge, The Anthrax, you name it. I think we have reason to be psyched, since he was telling me he digs the site, loved seeing the Judge video posted, is moving to Florida soon and wants to hang with Porcell, and asked me what Sammy and Mike were up to and wants to get in touch. New York Crew? sure sounds like it. Stay tuned.

-Gordo DCXX

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DAVID said...

My wife is from Sussex County NJ. Next time we go to the Yankee Candle outlet in E Stroudsburg I will pick a nice scented candle for Mr. Yu.