Friday, October 14, 2011

Verbal Assault - More Than Music

It's more than music

More than a new dance

More than fashion

More than a posed stance

It's more than music

It's something to live life with

Beyond cheap slogans

An act of love, an attempt to give

We have seen a lot of kids drift away

And now they're gone

But new blood and old ideals

Help keep our vision strong

It's more than music

It's our life


hc-dan said...

Always a favorite!

Rinjo Njori! said...

Verbal Assault was a great band.I got to interview them for my radio station/zine in the summer of 88 right before they headed off to college. This is when Tiny Giants came out. Exit and On were two great "almost" post hardcore EP's. I hope the nostalgia bug bites them.I would see them in a heart beat.

Rinjo Njori! said...

When I called Chris Jones for an Interview the Answering machine referenced seeing or getting abducted by aliens. This was his parents message,but when X-Files came on TV at first I always thought of Verbal Assault.

ATC said...

Definitely an all time fave. Saw them opening for Agnostic Front (I believe) in Atlanta as well as headlining w/The Stench (from Utah?) opening. The Metroplex & Trinity Ave. if memory serves. Chris Jones is an awsome guy.

Roa. said...

What a great fucking band.

XtimtonicX said...

for me the greates band ever!!!!!!!
still wearing my 20 years old va-eyes shirt!

and chris´ jones is an awsome guy.

Anonymous said...

I saw them everytime they played in DC. They were one of the best bands of all time. I was lucky to see them play with Soulside and Fugazi, 1988 at the wilson center in DC. That night, when the song "Trial" kick in, the place went ape sh*t. "ON" is still in my car today. I love that record.

Jim Pitts said...

Great band, almost better live than on record! Super glad I got to see em a few times in SF!

ATC said...

Soulside, Fugazi, & Verbal Assault on the same bill...Wow!

tim said...

One of my faves along with 7 Seconds, Dag Nasty, and Token Entry.

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