Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Heels - "Undisputed"

The Heels, Photo: Blow The Scene

Every once in awhile, we like to give a little attention to a newer, up and coming type band and this time around the spotlight goes to Philadelphia's, The Heels. Although The Heels aren't really a new band and have actually been kicking around since 2006, they just finally got around to releasing their 16 song debut, entitled, "Undisputed". The Heels also aren't new to the scene in terms of the members that make up the band, frontman, Mike McManus and guitarist, Dan McGinnis got their starts in Philadelphia's own, the Pagan Babies. Sonically, I don't think The Heels are too far off from what Mike and Dan were doing with the Pagan Babies. Pretty straight forward, usually fast, energetic hardcore with a dose of punk thrown in. Mike just sent me the CD last week and it's been in constant rotation since I got it. I've been a big fan of the Pagan Babies forever, so a new band with Mike singing and Dan on guitar wasn't a hard sell for me.

Check out the following links for more info on The Heels and try to pick up their new CD, "Undisputed", when you get a chance. - Tim DCXX

The Heels on ReverbNation
The Heels on Facebook

Mike McManus with the rest of the Pagan Babies at City Gardens, Trenton NJ, Photo: Ken Salerno


Rinjo Njori! said...

I remember when Hawker put out their first add I saw Pagan Babies and didn't know who they were. They played CBGB's at Free For all. That was the last I heard of them. This new stuff is decent.

Chris N. said...

Pretty good stuff. I like the Pagan Babies but didn't know these guys were doing a new band. I'll buy a cd.

Luke Warm said...

This is so-so. Not great, but not bad. Not the first thing I'd buy, but not the last either. It doesn't suck, but it isn't the best I've heard.

Daniel G said...

This is what HC has been trying to be for longer than a lot of listener have been alive.

I was expecting good... this far exceeded that.

Old-school gem.

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