Sunday, August 7, 2011

Killing Time / Raw Deal poll wrap up

Anthony with Killing Time at W.U.S.T. Hall in DC, Photo: Ken Salerno

It gets a little tricky keeping track of some of the content here at DCXX. In our most recent poll, we asked you which you liked more: Raw Deal's demo, or Killing Time's Brightside LP. Killing Time took the win...but it wasn't until we were about to wrap up the poll and recap it that we realized we actually ran this very same poll in 2010, and it had almost the same results then. So...our blunder, but thanks for voting again if you did. - Gordo DCXX

Killing Time - Brightside LP - 182
Raw Deal - 1988 Demo - 123

And in case you missed our poll wrap up the last time around, here it is again along with some words from Raw Deal/KT drummer Anthony Drago:

Drago DCXX poll wrap up


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Anonymous said...

demo of LP...2x in a row...what?!?!?!?!?!