Monday, August 8, 2011

Random thoughts: Rollins

I see later era Black Flag photos and Rollins just looks like total raw power. Genitalia exposing skimpies...check. Longish "I'm headed towards a dark place and this is how I convey it" hair...check. Bare feet...check. Psychological damage...check. Me realizing that compared to this I'm a total poser...check. A couple moons later Rollins would write these underrated Gun In Mouth Blues lyrics:

"You got 'my boss, man, is a bastard and I wanna kill him' blues.
You got 'my boyfriend's a motherfucker...and I wanna cut his balls off and shove 'em right down his throat' blues."

Strangely, I hear that first line as "my bossman's a bastard," and I think the use of "bossman" sounds cooler. Also, interesting and cool that Hank wrote that second line from a female's perspective...or did he? - Gordo DCXX


ShayKM said...

Gordo... are you suggesting Rollins played both fields? If nothing else your commentary makes watching the vid funnier. Nice to see 'the drummer' getting good attention from the cameraman as well. Just sick drumming!!!!

Jonathan said...

Interesting take on the 'boyfriend' reference, although I'm in the camp of 'if Rollins were gay he would surely be vocal about it'. I think if Rollin's had an opportunity to get loud, about anything, he'd take it in a heart beat.

I'll never grow out of my fascination with Rollins' era Black Flag, well, anything to do with Rollins, for that matter. So, thanks for the vid!

Gordo DCXX said...

ShayKM, moreso a question than a suggestion. Of course there have been rumblings about Hank's tendencies for decades...I think that's neither here nor there.

I just have always found it interesting that he wrote that line either from the perspective of a girl who hates her boyfriend, or a guy who hates his boyfriend. Whichever it may be, it's obviously Rollins stepping out of the box a bit, and and as a fan, another example of why I dig a lot of his lyrics.

morbid tails said...

Punk icon HENRY ROLLINS is furious when his sexuality is questioned - because he's never met anyone as blatantly "un-gay" as himself.

The former BLACK FLAG frontman is constantly being interviewed by homosexual magazines and is weary of denying rumours he's gay because he believes his tough appearance and heterosexual lovelife speaks for itself.

He complains, "I get interviewed by gay magazines at least six times a year and the first question is always, 'Are you gay?'. No. 'Are you sure?'. Yes.

"I ask why there's such a desire for me to be gay and they say, 'Because your hair's short, you're in shape, you're hot and you're smart.'

"In America it's a put down, like, 'Oh he's such a f**king fairy'. So here I am with the tattoos and a thick neck, talking s**t. God, if you only saw how un-gay I am. I've never had a homosexual experience - and I could have had all the ones I wanted."

Hank is banging Janeane Garofalo

Anonymous said...

he's gay even if he's not.

Unknown said...

I just kind of took it as near misanthropy. It's not so much that he sympathizes with the girlfriend, it's just that he hates the typical male as much as he hates the superior bossman male.

Anonymous said...

this entry needs a big "no homo" at the end of it

Anonymous said...

intense show!
thanks for sharing. although he's not gay, he still got some "edge".

Anonymous said...

I'd rather be gay than bang Garofalo. No homo.

Anonymous said...

He was also banging Kira circa this, damn:

Diamanda Galas, Lydia Lunch, Keri Wuhrer said...

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