Sunday, July 17, 2011

Outburst do it The Hardway

The Outburst boys hangin' at the beach, Photo: BJ Papas

Months back, Outburst drummer Miles To Joe, sent us a a handful of old Outburst photos that he had dug up, all taken by legendary NYHC photographer, BJ Papas. A couple live shots, but most of them just hang out shots. We held back from posting them, thinking that we needed some sort of commentary to go along with them, but honestly, sometimes photos tell the story themselves.

The only thing Joe had to say about the photos was this following quote… "Catch your magic moment and do it right here and means everything." -Van Halen

Thanks to Joe for sending the photos in, now do yourself a favor and go listen to the Outburst tracks off the Where The Wild Things Are comp. -Tim DCXX

Outburst at CBGB, NYC, Photo: BJ Papas

Outburst in the middle of a game of hoops, NYC style, Photo: BJ Papas

Outburst at The Right Track Inn, Photo: BJ Papas

Outburst frontman, Brian Donohoe, shows off his ball handling skills, Photo: BJ Papas


Ian said...

They always looked like such a mis-match of dudes....but thinking about it - it's pretty representative of the hardcore scene really, too many bands wear "the uniform" and have the right haircut etc....especially nowadays. It makes a refreshing change to see kids just looking like kids and not trying too hard.

CarlosRamirez said...

They just look like a bunch of Queens kids hanging out. Just like they really were. Love these photos!

Anonymous said...

A couple of things for the time capsule: My Beastie Boys/Run DMC "Together Forever" t-shirt (still love that group shot) and (Tim, I know you spotted this) Jay's brother Al's black Air Jordan III's. From this same day, there was a shot of Al posterizing Brian. That rim was located in Long Island City in the middle of nowhere and some kids brought it down to 7 1/2 feet for dunk contests!


Joe, I love the Beastie Boys / RUN DMC Together Forever shirt! I remember seeing kids wear that shirt when I was in junior high and I always wanted one. Al's original AJ III's are great too and of course I noticed them! - Tim DCXX

Anonymous said...

Why is Mike Welles only in one photo? Mike Welles! MIKE WELLES!

Buck said...

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