Monday, July 18, 2011

4 new bands to check out

Step Aside - Tucson, Arizona - Josh / Vocals, David / Guitar, Ryan / Guitar, Chris / Bass, Riley / Drums
Step Aside

The Last Stand - Brooklyn, New York - Michael / Vocals, Stephen / Guitar, Dion / Bass, Jimmy / Drums
The Last Stand

Alert - Western Massachusetts - Mike / Vocals, Kyle / Guitar, Keith / Bass, Jake / Drums

My Rifle - New York and Georgia - Jason / Vocals, Hobi / Guitar, Lewis / Bass, Andy / Drums
My Rifle


Anonymous said...

My Rifle..... Fuck Yeah!!!!!!! Good stuff my man!

Burai Core D&D said...

Is that My Rifle lyric really supposed to be "to endor you stumble..." Endor? Like where the Ewoks live?

Cesar P.C. said...


ERIC SXE said...

STEP ASIDE! Tucson Straight Edge! Hell yeah!!


Anonymous said...

The original Step Aside is from Woodbridge VA.

Jim Pitts said...

I thought "My Rifle" was pretty good.....The other bands were pretty generic, copycat kinda stuff......But it has all been done before, so it's just gotta be real to this generation of kids......

Anonymous said...

finally you guys are mentioning current bands! gonna check them out ASAP

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the support!


Anonymous said...

The Witch of Endor: 1 Samuel 28:3–25

- JO'T


The singer of Last Stand looks just like me!

Anonymous said...

The singer of Last Stand looks just like me"

Mike is about 40 lbs lighter and about 8 yrs younger I'd say...

Ange Bishop said...

I would add Remission (who is on REACT! and Amendment Records)

Very good blend of Verbal Assualt, late 80's 7 Seconds an maybe even some Embrace thrown in.

Anonymous said...

hardcore lives.

Anonymous said...

DCXX doing their best Some Records homage. I love it!

Jose said...

3 bands that look like they sound like Livewire board old man core and 1 band that looks like they'd be at home on a Heartattack comp.

chaiken said...

My Rifle, def not edge, I buy weed from guitarist Hobi, and Jason O'Toole is a fuckin' PIG.

Flatliner said...

What is Livewire board old man core? These dudes look like young kids. What am I missing?

Anonymous said...

I'm a "pig"? I investigate Ponzi schemes and people buying elections...what have you done with your life that is more meaningful? I guess if you don't work in a copy shop or sling coffee for a living (or discretely live on a trust fund) you aren't going to measure up...or should I say measure down in your eyes. Anyway, my daughter would kick your ass for talking like that, so be warned when you are in the playground next. - The Old Man

Anonymous said...

Dear "Sir Knight,

You are now on the radar of the Orange Order...good luck.

Dead cops

Down on the street
Giving poor the heat
With their clubs and guns
Doin' it all for fun

Dead Cops

Big bad and blue
They're in the Klan too
Brutality is their sport
We'll put 'em to the torch

Dead Cops

Anonymous said...

The Orange Order? Oh right...the Protestant Klan in Northern Ireland. Bowler hats and sashes rather than white robes and pointed hoods.

ATC said...

"I would add Remission (who is on REACT! and Amendment Records)
Very good blend of Verbal Assualt, late 80's 7 Seconds an maybe even some Embrace thrown in."

Good call. Remission sounds almost exactly like a Verbal Assault cover band. That is not a criticism; it's a good thing.

If you love VA, like I do, but have worn out the Trial 12' or Tiny Giants 7", look for the Remission 12"/7". You'll think VA reformed.

chaiken said...

Bible quotes and being a 4th degree member of the catholic only knights of columbus make JO'T even more of a fool than just being a fat redneckkk pig with a gun fetish.

I heard him bragging about gleefully beating up a "crackhead nigger" after an arrest.

He gets my vote for creepiest old man in hardcore, this guy should NOT get our support, he is everything that punk is against.

Anonymous said...

What is Livewire Old Man Core????

So only new jacks can play Hardcore now???

Is this what some of you think???

Anonymous said...

That's a lie, kid. You are a disgrace. It's a very shameful thing to accuse someone of that sort of vulgar, racist language. FYI, I investigate major felonies commited by politicians and big business - I have not arrested a "crackhead" in many, many years. You are a sad person indeed, and I do not need or want your support. - The Elder Thing, JO'T

Also, my God is Cthulu, as everyone knows. Stupid.

Anonymous said...

Here's my last comment...the song "Fall on Your Sword" is about the hypocrisy of religious persecution - King Saul goes to the "witch" when he is desperate...although before he had previously banished witches...or, if you'd rather, it can be about Ewoks...have it your way. - The Great Old One (Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn)

Anonymous said...

I just love the HC elite.
And how they don't ever bother thinking before they open their ignorant pie holes. Really, keep throwing stones from your mom's basement at people who are actually making music. You provide some laughs.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, let's make sure that every musician we ever listen to has the same boring worldview so we don't feel intellectually challenged, ever. I am, however, interested in this royalist hardcore movement Ilene Chaiken is talking about.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Miss L Word, please illuminate us as to what hardcore is really all about, since you alone seem to know what it is to be against all that it is about. Oh wait, you said "punk." Well, who gives a rat's ass. Punk has been over since the late 70's. Hardcore has only been dead since 1988, although there are reports to the contrary. - Gom Jabbar

chaiken said...

To prove my point, please read Jason O'Toole's blog, and then we can discuss pathetic.

from Daghouse:

"Ok, JOT, aka Jason O'Toole, aka THE TOOL, was the singer for Life's Blood. He used to frequent the board and grace us with his diatribes on life, women, God, politics, guns, etc. Basically, this guy was a younger real-life version of Archie Bunker meets Rush Limbaugh meets Michael Savage. He's the kind of guy that would probably buy Ann Coulter drinks all night while staring at her ass. He was also an ex-cop that now worked in some capacity for the NSA, and was CONSTANTLY reminding us how he was keeping this country safe... WHILE WE SLEPT. He relished in telling us stories of how he fought off an army of undead crackheads in an Atlanta back alley.... good thing he always carries his GLOCK.

At one point, the dook (whom I dearly miss) informed us that a women he knew was killed by being run over by a bulldozer in Israel. She was an American activist that was over there promoting Palestinian causes. JOT, being the sensitive and caring person that he is, proceeded to educate dook on the fact that she was, in essense, a terrorist and she got was she deserved. The commentarty degraded to the point where he called her a "hippie pancake".

At that point, pretty much everyone called him on being a huge piece of shit, and he eventually went back to hiding under some rock somewhere. He showed up again a while later (I think expecting the past to be forgotten), but no one had any patience for his bullshit, so he left again."

Jason O'Toole wrote:

"Well, thanks be to God that we moved back to Atlanta.

My office building, which sat right on the lake, had the roof ripped off and filled up like a glass of nasty, putrid water.

The house we would have bought is under the lake's new footprint.

About the looting and lack of competent local and state government - you are surprised, why?

Nothing about this was a surprise. Everyone knew it would happen one day - and the they had more than a few days of warning. The Feds might have taken over faster, since LA and NOLA are run by complete scoundrels and idiots, but apparently they were worried about how it would look if a Republican man took the power away from a Democratic woman - even though she is apparently better suited to running a Tupperware party than a state and National Guard...

Even if the stupid mayor would have followed his own plan and sent more busses around, it wouldn't have mattered since a lot of people (the chronically jobless chief among them) are just plain too stupid or high to evacuate. They would have had to evacuate by force, since people were more worried about leaving their playstations, large screen TVs, closets full of Nikes and welfare checks behind.

At least they are getting 2k debit cards so they can buy all that crap back again. Meanwhile I make more than three average middle class households and I can't afford ANYTHING. How does that work? I guess they aren't investing hundreds of dollars a week in diverse international holdings and going to grad school...

Plus, a LOT of them had warrants - and they didn't want to get nabbed. A lot of them just plain did not trust their government for providing them with safety - who can blame them - the city of New Orleans has already had almost 200 murders since the begining of the year. Public safety is a foreign concept in the Big Easy.

Anyway, I'm bringing as many of my employees up from the Coast to work for me here. My wife's family moved some refugees into a rental home. It sounds like every other American is doing their part too. We'll get through it."

chaiken said...

Jason O'Toole wrote:

"We lost a Pope, but we have gained a Saint - a strong ally in heaven, who can now do more for us than ever before. The fall of Communism in Eastern Europe and the renewed commitment to Life are examples of how God worked through his servant, John Paul II. If you think John Paul II is resting now, reclining on a cloud, you don't know the man! I am sure that he is working harder than ever before to help the people he loves so much. I imagine the Saints of old, Peter, Paul...Benedict, Francis, Claire, Agnes...are all telling him "Hey new guy...slow down!"

ShayKM said...

Very happy to see some new bands highlighted here! Thanks DCXX guys.

I find the comments all a bit strange. Maybe some posts from people who like/play in these bands would be more to the point.

Anonymous said...

I have no idea what is going on in most of the posts on here, but again I thank DCROSS for the mention.

If you like HARDCORE, please check us out! We have a new 7" out on 1124 Records.



Anonymous said...

Chaiken - you are a man (?)obsessed. Maybe you should get a job at one of the alphabet soup agencies and be a professional spy/stalker. you sure seem to have a lot of free time on your hands. Trust Fund? Disability check? Living at home? Must be one of those.

I'm guessing you don't have the talent to perform in a band yourself.

Anyway, those of you who are posting "anonymously" - such as I - should know - that your true names can be discovered rather easily regardless (and all that entails) So keep it light.

There is a strong brotherhood that you are not, and never will, be part of. Don't underestimate.

chaiken said...

JOT, ok, I'm done, but I need to let you know that you berated and bullied a good friend of mine at Daghouse years ago, somebody who lost a close friend and at the time was very emotionally friend contemplated suicide because of your actions.

It really hurt.

Tim/Gordo feel free to delete my previous posts referencing JOT. It's all public information available on the internet for anyone to read, I found all this info and the links at Daghouse, but it doesn't belong here in this forum.

I'm apologizing for derailing this thread.

Anonymous said...

I'm confused...according to these comments, there are only 4 types of professions in the world: law enforcement, copy shop employee, barista, or trust fund grantee. Arrogant kids grow up to be arrogant adults

The Witch of Endor said...

Other acceptable professions:


Alphabet Soup Spy

I noticed JO'Ts took his blog down after it was posted here a while ago. I read the whole thing, very interesting right wing/misogynist points of view, but not that bad. Archie Bunker-esque in a funny way.



Something to hide?


C'mon dude.

When is seven coming?

Anonymous said...

interesting slightly racist reference to Obama: "...also, if you voted for Obama...I don't hate you or anything. Part of me is glad that someone with a Star Trek name and a family that makes the Munsters look like the Cleavers, can get so far."

Weird africans are like aliens and monsters...yay!

Magnus said...

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