Sunday, June 19, 2011

Jules - Side By Side / Alone In A Crowd DCXX Charity Auction for Japanese Relief CLEAN UP ROUND

Ok, we lied, the last round of records we posted wasn't exactly the "Final Round", turns out we had a few more. What we have here is the stragglers, the orphans, in other words, the records that didn't sell the first time around. So our thought was that we'd auction this entire lot off as one piece. Although not so rare, there's definitely some great records in this lot, so make an offer, add this chunk of records to your collection and know you're doing a good thing by ultimately donating the money to a great cause (The Japanese Relief Fund).

We're setting the reserve price for this lot at $100.00, not a lot considering you'll be getting 9 LP's and 2 7"s. The rules will be the same as the past auctions, so please refer to a past auction for any details you're uncertain about. All offers go to Gordo at:

We'll wrap this auction up by this coming Friday, June 24th at 8:00 AM, unless we get a fair offer earlier and decide to end it early. So don't be shy, if you want these records, make an offer and don't wait on it.

As for Jules, we've still got more of his interview coming, so please hang in there. We're also expecting to hear from him regarding his final word and thoughts on how this whole auction finished. We're extremely happy and honored to have been a part of raising money for the people of Japan, who are obviously in desperate need for any and all help possible.

Thanks again to everyone that's bid and let's finish this off strong. -Tim DCXX

Records in this final lot will sell as a collection only, no individual records to be bid on separately. What you will get is; Youth Of Today - "Break Down The Walls" on Revelation, Agnostic Front - "Victim In Pain" on Combat Core Records, Bad Brains - "Rock For Light", Wasted Youth - "Reagan's In" ICI Productions, Insted - "Bonds Of Friendship" Wishingwell Records, The Faith/Void split, Dischord Records, HR - "Human Rights", Agnostic Front - "Liberty and Justice" Relativity/Combat Core Records, Slap Shot - "Back On The Map" Taang! Records, Vision - "Undiscovered" 7", New Scene Records, Quicksand - 7", Revelation Records. Reserve Price: $100.00


DC x SC said...

There are people in our country, the USA, who need help more than the Japanese do. Like the people of Alabama, who were hit by the United States worst tornado since 1950.

Japan is one of the richest countries in the world...

Dear Japan, here is $267 from the sales of Jules records. Enjoy!


While I do agree that there are plenty of people here in the USA that could definitely use the help, especially in the wake of the tornados, I think the Japanese could use our help as well.

Thing is, Jules set this all up right after the earth quake/tsunami in Japan, which was prior to the US tornado crisis down south.

If you or anyone wants to give us more records to run another charity auction for the people of Alabama, we'd be more than happy to be a part of it.

Summit Fox Dirtbag Diaries said...

Good Point Tim! Jules donating the time and effort to help out anyone (we are all human, country of origin shouldn't matter in times of crisis) is awesome.

People in Alabama do need our help, so put your money where your mouth is DC x SC and be proactive instead of complaining.

Yehuda said...

Alabama and Japan are two completely different disasters.
Sure, people in Alabama have lost their homes and that's a drama; they need our help. However, in Japan, it's not just a matter of rebuilding homes; that crisis is far from over. An entire area has become radioactively poisoned, completely inhabitable wasteland. In fact, there is little or no improvement since the Fukushima accident; if anything, some experts claim that things are continuing to deteriorate and that the gruesome consequences will become more apparent in the near future.
Having said that, I do believe that this auction has lost its momentum -at least that's my impression-, since the media have turned their focus towards other international events and you don't hear much reports about the ongoing crisis in Fukushima any more. That's the unfortunate nature of the speed with which news is presented nowadays.
Whether an ebay auction would have been more successful or not, is debatable.
In any case, Jules's efforts deserve much credit, and so does the Double Cross team for organizing this auction.
A truly noble gesture

ATC said...

"Japan is one of the richest countries in the world..."

The U.S. is the richest country in the world...

Death Toll
Alabama: 200
Japan:10,000 & counting...

Economic impact:
Alabama: locally
Japan: globally

I hate to compare this as "my tragedy is worse than your tragedy", but DC x SC comments were based on populism and nationalism, not facts.

Regardless, kudos to Jules and double Cross. Whether the $267 is going to someone in Japan or Alabama, a human being in dire need will get a little relief.

Anonymous said...

Respect to Jules , Double Cross & anybody else out there that help's others- with out asking for anything in return. God Bless

By the way *every country / city has it's issues- worldwide - so until you get off your ass and make a change... you can go fuck yourself!!!

DC x SC said...

Mother Nature Bats Last

And she took out the Japanese whaling industry and the fuckers that kill dolphins.

I've done well enough in life that I don't need to sell some crappy records in order to donate, I write checks, to help AMERICANS in need.



ATC said...

"Mother Nature Bats Last
And she took out the Japanese whaling industry and the fuckers that kill dolphins."

This is along the similar line of thinking of Oral Roberts, Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, and Bin-Laden all of whom have this same strange notion of cause and effect.

Hurricane hits Florida because Disney World has a Gay Pride Day. Earthquakes hit S.F. due to acceptance of homosexuality.
Al Qaeda justifies its attacks on everyone (mostly Muslims themselves) deemed insufficiently Islamic.

The same logical fallacy, Mother Nature seeks revenge on Japan due to Japan's whaling industry.
God extracts revenge. Nature extracts revenge.

So for any Hardline (does that exist anymore???) fundamentalists, enjoy sharing the same bed with your Islamic and Christian fundamentalist brethen.

Hell of an orgy.