Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Favorite Insted release poll wrap up

To recap our most recent poll in which we asked you what Insted record was your favorite, bassist Rich Labbate chimed in with some thoughts on "We'll Make The Difference," which squeaked by with the win. Tim and I both voted for the sophomore EP effort, and I can say it's easily my favorite Insted release while not knocking the other records by any means. Not only is Insted a great band, but they are some of the nicest, coolest dudes I have ever met, period. Take it away, Rich. O.C. Hardcore. -Gordo DCXX

Kevin bringin' the O.C. Straight Edge with Insted, Photo: Mikey Fastbreak

I joined Insted in the spring of 1988 (a few months before the ‘Bonds Of Friendship’ record was released). The demo had gotten a lot of attention locally and everyone was kind of waiting to see what would happen next. With the release of ‘Bonds’ and the line up solidified, we were ready to hit the ground running. You now had 4 guys who were totally on the same page. ALL straight edge, ALL vegetarian, and ALL really deeply rooted in Hardcore. There wasn’t a local show that went by that you couldn’t find at least one Insted member at. We ate, slept and breathed Hardcore.

Now the early material was compared to Stalag 13 and 7 Seconds. With me coming into the mix, I brought a wider range of influences other than Southern California Hardcore. I had been a record collector and preferred more rowdy sounding bands like Anitdote, Negative Approach, and Minor Threat - so that’s what you start hearing on ‘We’ll Make The Difference.' Plus the whole Youth Crew era was at its height and we were representing the west coast.

A young Rich Labbate and some Age Of Quarrel, Photo courtesy of: Rich

I remember recording that record a couple months after coming home from a tour and we were pumped up about getting something new out so we could get back out there. I think the energy came across on that recording. It was harder sounding and more focused. I would have to say looking back that it is my personal favorite recording. Even though some of my favorite Insted songs are on ‘Bonds Of Friendship’ and Insted was most popular during the ‘What We Believe’ era, with ‘We’ll Make The Difference’ we were just firing on all cylinders. - Rich Insted

From across the land to the zines and the bands
There's a network of people who show what they feel
Take a look, you will find this movement is one of a kind
There's nothing like it - it's here today
There's nothing like it - make it stay
I see it at all the shows
The togetherness flows
Music from the heart is what sets us apart
Move aside, give them clearance
The kids will make the difference
There's nothing like it - it's here today
There's nothing like it - make it stay
Get involved
Nothing like it

Insted - "We'll Make The Difference" 7" - 83
Insted - "Bonds Of Friendship" LP - 79
Insted - "What We Believe" LP - 59

Kevin and Rich with Insted and an adrenalized crowd, Photo: Mikey Fastbreak


ERIC SXE said...

INSTED is one of the all time greats and the first SXE band I saw live. They played Gilman St. on the "We'll Make The Difference" tour and I came out for that. They were great and really are super nice guys. =)


Anonymous said...

BE SOMEONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!INSTED RULEZ!!

Anonymous said...

oagrWhen INSTED called it quits at SPANKEYS CAFE In Riverside I was fucken bummed!! Im lucky I caught the tail end of the 2nd wave of SXE !!After that show Hardcore has never been the same.......And if you went to shows around that time you know what I mean not to diss later SXE bands.... just saying

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Anonymous said...

Once again another section dedicated to Edge Breakers. It's fucking gross.

- Eric

Anonymous said...

How bout I break your gross face?

Anonymous said...

Good Luck with that. I only train in MMA 5 days a week. I also follow the 7 Rules of Straight Edge religously.

How about you? Let me guess, you are a 30 somethng year old pile, who is about 30 lbs over weight, but still thinks of himself as "hard"

Well, The Pride will be touring in October it looks like, so email me your name and I'll put you on the list so you can have a crack at the Champ, make sure to bring your lunch punk!

- Eric


Jim Pitts said...

Cool interview! The guys from Insted were super cool to me when I was at Chapman in the mid 80's!

Anonymous said...

For me Insted are/were one of the greatest bands from the golden era of core. Glad i got to see them at the NJ/NY reunions, and later on in London.

Anonymous said...

The Golden era of "The Core" is just dawning FYI. The era YOU are talking about is considered the Dark Ages of our scene, when the insincere hi-jacked the movement for their own agendas. They embraced edgebreakers, and spit in the face of the pure and rightous. Laughing at us, because of our beliefs. This FALL we take it back


- Eric

Anonymous said...

what are the 7 rules?

Anonymous said...


1) Don't smoke
2) Don't drink
3) Don't take drugs
4) Don't have casual sex
5) Don't eat meat
6) Don't lie
7) Don't ever associate with non-straight edge types, INCLUDING breakers! Who are the SCUM of the scene, and The true JUDAS to the "X", like for example Insted.

- Eric

Mike Garceau said...

Honeslty, I think that's the first time I've ever seen those photos. Stoked. Thanks, guys.

Anonymous said...

what about these rules:

8)Bench your weight
9)And please don't masturbate

Eric > Crucial Youth

xWestborox said...

High five Eric, I'm with you and all the Westboro Baptist Church are backing you up, God hates Edge breakers!
Come visit us anytime in Kansas brother!

Justin M. said...

Since when are Insted edgebreakers anyway? Do you know those guys? I for one have never had a beer with any of them but would of course welcome the opportunity.

All your heros are in fact DEAD, Mr. Idealistic sXe guy. The only edge that should matter to you is your own.

Let me know when you break edge so you can buy me a beer, sucka!

Anonymous said...

Ive never met those guys nore do I ever want too. See rule #7 dipshit. I do know that the singer, and guitarist are breakers though, meaning they are THE JUDAS of our beloved scene. They should be ostrizied not embraced. Scum like Insted taint the X. They are the enemy.

- Eric

Edge Breaker # 12878372847288548277473227758 said...

This Eric stuff is just brilliant. Is there a cartoon or comic book in the works?

dangerclose said...

cool Insted piece---I tried to order the demo back in the day but it sold out and kevin sent me I nice letter--I still have it--oh yeah the whole Eric ThePride thing was Andy Kaufman-esque in brilliance and execution---thanks for everything

JC Stark-Arts said...

wow - just wow. I love the straight edge nazi's - fucking lunatic. Eric - if you are serious you need to go jerk off about 2 dozen times just to get some of the testosterone out of your system. People change, they grow up, and not everyone that drinks is an asshole. Most people that smoke pot aren't assholes. People that like to have sex are not assholes. It's people like you that destroyed "our beloved scene" by taking something so simple and pure that made a difference in lots of peoples lives and changed it to some sort of fascism.
I've never had a drink, I've never smoked, I don't take any drugs. I only have sex with people that mean something important to me. I think a guy named Ian wrote something like that in 81 - were you born yet?

Anonymous said...

He prefers Rich Morozak, don't you know anything. He loves his daddy soooooo much. How's the job/wife?


ShayKM said...

I think the comments from Eric must be a dark form of British irony. He is just 'taking the piss' as they say across the pond.

No one who has anything to do with HC/Punk could actually maintain such kindergarten rules for a lifestyle that is about choosing to live drug free and in control. SE has always been about not being taken over by addictions around us, foisted upon us, or pushed from various directions. It is, and always will be, about choosing a way of life that does not revolve around being fucked up.

If that post was not a joke...FUCK your 7 rules! And FUCK your religious conformity! Being poison free does not mean being a JOCK FUCKWIT! I am over 40, and still SE! When you are my age you will see these choices in stark contrast to your halfwit pedestrian clubhouse rules. Fucking SHEEP!

Insted was a great band. They deserve all the praise they can get.

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