Monday, May 2, 2011

Jules - Side By Side / Alone In A Crowd DCXX Charity Auction for Japanese Relief ROUND 4

Here is the latest round of record auctions from Jules of Side By Side / Alone In A Crowd. Every penny is going to the relief efforts in Japan. Jules has secured a matching donation which will double the value of the money raised through the auctions.

In case you needed any reminder of the ongoing severity of the catastrophe in Japan, or needed any incentive in bidding, please check out this article:
Japan quake victims face health issues

Clearly the people of Japan need our help more than ever. Please consider bidding. If not, we encourage you to give a donation in whatever amount you can to one of the many relief organizations who will need your help. If you can make a difference in one person's life, however small, it is worth it.

Please help us to let the people of Japan know they are not in this alone.
This auction ends this Friday, May 6, at 8am EST.

Terms & Conditions:
*All items from Jules' personal collection.

*Please read each individual record's description for specific details and condition.

*Bidding is to be made on individual records. This is not an auction for the whole batch.
*You can bid on multiple items, but a specific bid must be placed on each item.
*Bidding must be rounded to the dollar. No cents business
*All sales are final.

*All records have a starting reserve price.
*All offers/bids must be sent to Gordo at, who is handling this for Jules.
*Offers/bids are not to be sent anywhere else, not in the comment section, not to Tim, not via Facebook, etc.
*Paypal is the only accepted method of payment.
*Do not bid if you are unable to pay at the time of auction close or if you cannot send funds via paypal.

*Bidders will be contacted ASAP privately via email from Gordo with the status of their bid and the current top bid.
*Re-bidding is allowed and encouraged.

*The bidding for these specific Round 1 items will close at 8am Eastern Standard Time on THIS FRIDAY, MAY 6.
*At that time, the top 3 bidders will be contacted privately to place a final bid.
*The final top bidder must be able to transfer funds via paypal to Gordo at within 48 hours of final close.

*All shipping & handling costs must be paid for additionally by BUYER, and this amount is not a part of the bid amount.
*All shipping & handling costs will be determined fairly between Gordo and buyer.
*Shipping & handling costs can be combined if multiple items are won by the same bidder.
*All items will be shipped via USPS to the buyer's liking.
*All proceeds will be transferred by Gordo to Jules for the purpose of final matched charitable contribution, doubling the total amount.
*Bidder/winner identities will not be disclosed.

*Questions, offers/bids - Gordo: - auction ends Friday May 6 at 8am EST.

THANK YOU!!! - Jules, Tim & Gordo

Youth Of Today - "Can't Close My Eyes" 7" - 1st pressing, black and white labels, slight tear in lyric sheet. Reserve price: $40

Unity - "You Are One" 7" - Black vinyl, no lyric sheet. Reserve price: $30

Pagan Babies - "Immaculate Conception" 7" - Gold vinyl. Reserve price: $20

Side By Side - "You're Only Young Once" 7" - Black and white labels, newsprint style lyric sheet. Reserve price: $25


Bad Brains - "Rock For Light" LP - Promo copy with cut in front cover, no lyric sheet. Reserve price: $20


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