Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Young Republicans interview on Viceland

Porcell takes the mic with the Young Republicans, Photo courtesy of: Matt Warnke

DCXX contributor, Tony Rettman, just did a Young Republicans interview with Porcell for Viceland. Excellent read, well worth checking out. -Tim DCXX


Pedro Carvalho said...

And now for something weird:
I was looking for the Young Republicans on myspace and found a band from NJ called "Mike Ferraro & The Young Republicans". I thought "hmmm, two members of Judge with different bands called The Young Republicans".

The weird part is that it turned out to be a different Mike Ferraro, also from New Jersey, with a totally unrelated band that has the same name as Porcell's first band before he played with the other (better) Mike Ferraro.

Unless Mike Judge looks like this nowadays:

Anonymous said...

Nice. That ended up far more interesting than I expected.

For a similar account, but with some nice illustrative details, here ya go:

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