Monday, November 8, 2010

1984 Unity OCHC shirt


Back in January of 2009, I met up with Youth Of Today "Break Down The Walls" 1987 summer tour roadie, RJ Vail and had a nice little sit down interview/conversation with him. A small portion of our conversation was transcribed and posted here on DCXX, but the majority of it never got posted due to issues that I ran into with the cassette. Hopefully sooner than later I'll be able to salvage more of that interview because much of that conversation would make for a great read here. In the case that you missed that first entry, here's a link to the original posting… RJ Vail 1/27/2009


After my meeting and interview with RJ, I ended up getting a nice little care package in the mail from him. One particular item RJ sent me was this Unity hand cut tank top that he told me he had gotten from Porcell on the "Break Down The Walls" 87 tour. RJ didn't know the shirts' origins, so I shot Porcell a message to see what memories he had about it. Unfortunately, Porcell had no memories regarding the Unity shirt either and didn't even believe that it was ever actually his. Now I'm pretty sure I've seen a photo or two of Porcell wearing this exact shirt, but I can't blame the guy for forgetting one particular hardcore shirt out of hundreds that I'm sure he's owned over the past thirty years.

So now I turn to you, the readers of DCXX for a little help. Something tells me that someone out there has some knowledge of this shirt and can shed a little light on it. I suppose I could reach out to Orange County Hardcore veterans like, Patrick Longrie, Dan O'Mahony, Joe Nelson or one of the Insted guys, but I thought I'd just toss it out there and see what comes back in the comments section. One thing about this shirt that could help in it's research is what appears to be a stamp on it that says, "Stretch's 1984". Ring any bells? Fill us in. -Tim DCXX



ROA said...

This shirt was drawn by FlipSide's JOY AOKI.

Back when UNITY still had Pete on vocals, Joy Aoki did artwork for as many bands as she could handle (she is awesome). She did one more shirt for Unityu as well (what is up with those OC people making shirt designs every 10 minutes) which had four hands holding each other's wrist.

This shirt is her artwork. She also did a Justice League shirt in the same era.

Anonymous said...

Don't know much about this shirt other than it sucks.

... said...

anonymity can suck it. you gotta be high not to like this shirt. even if you were high, you should still like it, so something must really be wrong with you.

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