Thursday, November 11, 2010


Past Present is a collection of current bands covering classic tracks from the Revelation Records catalog including songs by GORILLA BISCUITS, WARZONE, YOUTH OF TODAY, CHAIN OF STRENGTH and more. Twenty-three songs covering more than 20 years of hardcore played by a diverse group of bands including SICK OF IT ALL, BOLD, WALTER SCHREIFELS, TERROR, DEATH BY STEREO, SET YOUR GOALS, DOWN TO NOTHING and more, all together on one record.

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Anonymous said...

so is bold covering themselves or something? it's not that weird i guess. they're pretty much doing that anyway.

and why the fuck would anyone cover shai hulud?


Bold is covering Supertouch's "Searchin' For The Light".

Der Leser said...

No one needs this.

Anonymous said...

yep, totally unnecessary. just downloaded it from the blogosphere and apart from a couple of standouts (sick of it all certainly don't disgrace the memory of warzone) most of it's just pointless.

the bold supertouch cover is particularly embarrassing and what the fuck is with this ignite band, does modern hardcore really need a version of nickelback? their cover of disengage takes a shit all over one of y.o.t's best tracks and for that alone they deserve some kind of punishment in krishna hell

sorry to come here and be an anonymous hater but i'd hate to have anyone else who loved a lot of the covered tracks 'back in the day' buy something that will, in all likelihood, just make them angry


It's a benefit compilation, all proceeds are being donated and all songs were donated by the bands, which I think is pretty cool. Off hand I don't recall what it's benefiting because this compilation has literally been in the works for at least 3 years.

Anonymous said...

It's a benefit for Human Rights Watch. I just got the CD from Rev in the mail today. Big disappointment. At least if the proceeds go to HRW, then not a total loss.

Unknown said...

I guess I'm one of the few that's enjoying this comp.

Anonymous said...

The best covers take ownership of the song - SOIA certainly does an excellent job of making As One sound like SOIA while still paying homage.

The bold cover of supertouch is horrendous while the cover of bold by ambitions (a band i've never heard of) is in my opinion better than the original

on a 1-10 scale
As one - 8
Searching - 0
Hold Your Ground - 7
Friends - 7
Without - 6
wise up - 7 (better than bold i think)
break down the walls - 6.5
through these eyes - 5.5
running like thieves - 8 better than original
forgotten - 3 (more whiny than civ which is not the direction i'd take with this song)
where it went - 4 worse production 15 years later seems silly
disengage - 2 ruined my favorite YOT song
clean slate - 6 kinda like the tempo change but the quicksand ep is so good to me that i wish it had been done better
pushed too far - funny...

Anonymous said...

I am very much like to hear how songs covered by other hardcore greats will turn out like.


Anonymous said...

D. Bustago says:

Ben Edge said...

I thought most of it was adequate, some of it fell short, none of it was as good as the originals (not that I was expecting that). Off the top of my head, Terror doing Side By Side was probably the best, Ignite covering YOT was the most laughable, Ambitions covering Bold was exceptional considering the difficulty of that song, and Twilight Transmission doing Quicksand was pretty bad. Full disclosure: I don't think I've ever heard the original version of the Movielife song.

zsilvia said...

no into another cover? shit... {:D

Anonymous said...

This shit is going to suck.

Anonymous said...

Did some idiot really ask who fucking IGNITE was????
Go back to your time machine retard!

"what the fuck is with this ignite band, does modern hardcore really need a version of nickelback?"

xbojanx said...

I like when cover songs are different from originals. So, Damnation AD wins this for me, but Ignite is interesting too (sometimes it reminds me of folk style singing from my part of the world, which adds fun to it). Also, Ambitions and ON are pretty good... GCF doing No More is old one, and really great one, too. I think I dislike only songs which I didn't like in original (first CIV cover for example). But in the end, one shouldn't expect to mush, and everything will be just fine :)
be xpositiveX, less hate

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