Sunday, October 24, 2010

Supertouch - "Anything It Takes" 10/10/1992

I just came across this video of Supertouch today, it's from New Brunswick, NJ, 174 Commercial Ave to be exact, the former house of the Bouncing Souls. Apparently the Bouncing Souls would throw these big backyard BBQ parties with half pipe skating and bands. This one was from October 10, 1992 and it was the only Bouncing Souls party of it's kind that I ever came out for.

One thing I remember about this show was just how great Supertouch were that night. As you can see from the video, it was a tight, intimate, garage setting with kids just looking to have a good time. Supertouch were so on point and so heavy and "Anything It Takes" is a perfect example of that. It was a little strange seeing this Supertouch line up that didn't have Andy or Joe, but although not originals, these guys definitely held their own. I'm pretty sure this was the last time I saw them, until the recent reunions over the past handful of years. Hopefully the rumors come to fruition and we get some more Supertouch shows in 2011. -Tim DCXX


... said...

so sick. this footage was awesome! great pit action too.

Anonymous said...

i left early, and missed ST . but what amazing sound. wish i had stayed. ....they were selling shirts that said "fucklollapaloozainninteenninteytwo"

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