Sunday, June 14, 2009

Brian Walsby - Double Negative / Artist

Brain Walsby at the drums with Double Negative, Photo courtesy of: Brian Walsby

We continue with another memorable show entry, this time from Double Negative drummer / well noted punk artist, Brian Walsby. -Tim DCXX

Let's see...Well I am an older guy and came into things in the early eighties or at least 1984. I saw Black Flag in March of that year and that was it...the band had already gotten the lineup with Kira and Bill Stevenson. The band came out without Henry and played the still unreleased instrumental Obliteration from the Slip It In album. That, more then anything else, just blew me away. Just the three of them playing that song. It sounded so massive. Henry had not even appeared on stage yet and already it was amazing. So I would say that, because it set the tone for everything else I would see, and looking back, that song just killed. I still think so to this day.

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