Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Bobby Sullivan - Soulside

Bobby Sullivan with Soulside at Maxwell's in Hoboken NJ, Photo: Ken Salerno

Last year, sometime shortly after we launched Double Cross, we started posting memorable show entries from various people that have been involved in the hardcore scene over the years. We did quite a few entries like this and I always thought that it made for an interesting read, so I decided to bring it back.

Kicking this returning feature off is Mr. Bobby Sullivan from D.C.'s Soulside. Expect many more memorable show entries in the coming weeks. Big thanks to Bobby and all who have participated so far. -Tim DCXX

Seeing Minor Threat's last show was mind blowing, especially with the Big Boys from TX, doing their brand of punk/funk, and Trouble Funk headlining - a serious DC funk band in the Go-Go genre (sampled a lot by Public Enemy and the Beastie Boys). That was my first stab at slam dancing and stage diving. Once punk got mainstream I lamented how uniform the sound got. I liked how back in the day there were so many different sounding punk bands. Punk was the attitude and a revolutionary approach to making music, not necessarily the end sound. Everybody was trying something different and too few got recognized.

Beefeater is one of those bands I thought should have gotten more recognition, but I guess that funk blend really made sense to me, coming from DC.

The Bad Brains are a perfect example. Seeing them right after the Rock For Light album changed my LIFE forever! Those lyrics with that delivery...wow. Soon afterwards HR took me under his wing and I got schooled. Ian was the same way. In that DC scene we practically wrote songs together. That mentoring approach that the older brothers took was priceless. I still look up to Ian and HR to this day. I'm still giving thanks!


dangerclose said...

right on!! I can always hope for a Soulside reunion--

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