Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Murphy's Law - New Years Eve at The Anthrax 1989

A couple of weeks ago I posted a Judge video that I had found on YouTube. Quality wise, this Judge footage was some of the best I'd seen, so I made it a point to contact the poster. Turns out the guy's name is Cliff. He started going to the Stamford Anthrax in 1985. Once The Anthrax moved to Norwalk, Cliff started hanging out in the sound board booth and says he became the official
videographer. Cliff and I have been going back and forth and he's been linking me to his latest YouTube entries. So far he's got up an entire Judge set broken down into individual songs, Youth Of Today doing "Honesty" from 1989 and this here video of Murphy's Law doing "America Rules." Cliff says he's easily got 10 hours of first generation live footage (Sick Of It All, BOLD, Shelter, Youth Of Today, Judge, Underdog, Murphy's Law, etc.), so expect to see more up here as I'm updated. -Tim DCXX

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Pedro Carvalho said...

They've always been so much better live than on record... I wish their records sounded as wild as this video.